Can a pregnant woman smoke e-cigarettes?

Can a pregnant woman smoke e-cigarettes?

pregnant woman ecigsSmoking tobacco cigarettes while pregnant is absolutely a no-go. The hundreds of chemicals you inhale due to the tobacco can be very harmful for your unborn child. This means a woman needs to stop smoking cold turkey the moment she finds out she is pregnant. Unfortunately this is easier said than done.

The last years electronic cigarettes gained a lot of popularity, especially with people who smoked tobacco cigarettes. A lot of tobacco smokers benefit by e-cigarette: almost 93 percent of tobacco smokers who started using electronic cigarettes were able to decrease their smoking behavior and some were even able to stop smoking.

For a lot of women, the moment of getting pregnant is the moment they stop smoking. Most of them know they have no other choice and most of them keep it up too. A new development is the electronic cigarette. Some women swap their tobacco cigarette for an electronic cigarette when they find out they’re pregnant. That makes us wonder, is this a good choice? Can e-cigarettes harm an unborn baby?

The most important reason why pregnant women need to stop smoking is because of the tobacco in normal cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes don’t contain any tobacco. E-cigarettes offer the opportunity to inhale vapor without getting any tobacco in your lungs. You are actually inhaling water vapor. This content is in the air as well, especially when you live in a humid climate. Without water vapor there wouldn’t be any clouds or rain. To be more specific: water vapor is the thing that creates moisture. The vapor goes up and creates clouds. These clouds create rain which makes the earth a healthy place.  This is the kind of vapor you inhale when smoking an electronic cigarette. Think about a steam room: we use these to relax and to take care of our body. Did you know steam room is actually called vapor bath?

So the tobacco part is tackled. Water vapor can’t be harmful, because you inhale it when you’re outside or take a steam room. Another thorny issue is the nicotine. The physical reason why people get addicted to smoking tobacco cigarettes is nicotine. This compound is very addictive. Electronic cigarettes also contain nicotine, but you can choose the amount and leave it out if you like. The nicotine is the vague part in this area.

We can’t say nicotine is really that harmful. It can be compared with caffeine. There is no proof nicotine causes cancer. This information is spread by people who confuse nicotine with smoking in general. Most smokers smoke because they long for nicotine, but nicotine is not the part that causes any type of cancer.  The risk of cardiovascular disease is very little though.

We already compared nicotine to caffeine and coffee. Both nicotine and caffeine aren’t completely benign. We all know a good cup of coffee wakes us up. This is because the caffeine causes an increase in your blood pressure and makes your heart pound a little faster. This is the thing you long for when you wake up and make yourself a cup of coffee. Several researches already pointed out coffee is not a great health risk. Everybody drinks it and if you don’t overdo it, it won’t do you any harm. You could say the same about nicotine. However, the problem with nicotine is that there’s little research to the effect of nicotine alone. Almost every person who uses nicotine on a regular basis uses tobacco cigarettes too. And, as we all know, tobacco is very harmful. Anti-smoking groups will always say nicotine could be bad for you, because they have never researched this remedy without tobacco. This way, nobody will ever be able to say nicotine isn’t harmful.

However, can a pregnant woman smoke e-cigarettes? The only thing that’s not completely benign in an electronic cigarette is the nicotine. Addiction is never good. Some people see addiction as a disease which needs to be defeated and getting your unborn child addicted can never be good. We wouldn’t recommend a pregnant woman to drink coffee so we don’t recommend nicotine either. However, a cup of coffee once in a while is not a crime.

The good thing about an e-cigarette is the option to take out the nicotine. This leaves you with a device that produces water vapor. We learned water vapor isn’t harmful so smoking an electronic cigarette without nicotine won’t harm your unborn child. We do want to warn you about reactions from other people. An electronic cigarette looks like a tobacco cigarette. You might get angry faces when people see a pregnant woman smoking. Maybe it’s an idea to show this article to people who judge without doing any research.


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