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The Best E Cigarettes

Read our objective reviews about the best e-cigarettes available online now. The best ecigarettes listed and rated by our dedicated team of editors and testers.

From the moment the first electronic cigarette was built until today, its structure and design evolved a lot. Probably because there are so many manufacturers, today you can choose from multiple types of e-cigarettes, liquids and kits, making the whole buying decision much more difficult. That is exactly why we decided to start Which Ecigarette: sharing our opinions about the kits we tested and help you do an informed purchase of a product.

That's how the Top 10 best e-cigarettes was born, a section of our site where you can find the most appreciated ten brands according to our editors' and our fans' opinion. In this process we personally test each product, from unpacking the kit, to using it, recharging and do its maintenance work. Then we rate each characteristic, such as the battery life, the vapors quantity, the persistence of the flavors or how helpful is the customer service, and the results are displayed on each review as "Editors' rating". Every product is used by each of our testers, and each one of them rates it, that's why you can be sure that the presence of a kit in the Top 10 is the result of it being appreciated by everyone. For this section we also listen to your opinion, and you will see that from the fact that by voting one brand you will immediately improve or decrease its score.

V2 Starter Kit

V2 Cigs is an electronic cigarette brand that has been on the market for 7 years. The first thing that stands out with these e-cigarettes is the battery. They allow customers to choose a customized battery that is, you can choose the color and the type: manual or automatic. Although both battery types are very efficient, the manual one produces more vapor but, in the end they are both highly responsive. V2 Cigs products come in four different battery colors, white, black, stainless steel and blue, and in three different sizes – 67mm, 79mm, and 110mm. In terms of looks, …

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Green Smoke e cigarettes are some of the most reliable vaping devices on the market. Their e-cig looks and tastes like an analog, without all the smoke and chemicals, for an enhanced smoking experience. Although choosing an electronic cigarette is not something simple, I will tell you why Green Smoke cig is the best choice. For starters, let’s talk about their presentation box. From the first sight it will lead your thoughts to nature and to the fact that their product is somewhat natural and better for your health. The green magnetic box is very wisely used as a branding …




Halo is known to be an innovator in the world of electronic cigarettes, as it always brings high quality, all-American products to the market. The e-cigarettes and e-liquid offered by Halo are tar-free and meant to provide the freedom to smoke and enjoy smoking everywhere you go. As opposed to many e-cigarette brands that use e-liquid manufactured overseas with inferior ingredients, the Halo ecigarette uses only ingredients approved by the FDA and FEMA, so that the end products are of premium quality. The design of the Halo e cigarette is very stylish and the battery comes in five different colors. …




Apollo electronic cigarettes were created by experts in the tobacco and electronic industry, and have, since then, become one of the best e-cigs brands on the market. The thing that sets Apollo products apart from other brands is that they have their own high technology and manufacturers that allow them to produce not only the electronic cigarettes, but also the juices. Their products are of the highest quality, giving the smoker a really original experience. From time to time Apollo offers free disposable e-cigarettes to customers; a single disposable e-cig can last up to 500 puffs, which is the equivalent …


The market for electronic cigarettes has developed a lot over the past few years, allowing more and more brands to establish. Even so, the most advanced e-cigs available on the market are by far the ones from EverSmoke, as they offer long lasting batteries and fantastic cartridges. They provide superior products at very reasonable prices, with starter kits starting at $49.99. With EverSmoke electronic cigarettes, you will get the newest technology and a very fashionable design. Their products are built on the two piece technology, having the atomizer built in the cartridge, offering the opportunity to receive a new one …


If you are looking for a true American electronic cigarette, then Blu Cigs is exactly what you need. This premium e-cigarettes brand takes pride in offering only American made flavors that come in fantastic variety. Made only with natural ingredients, these are superior flavors that will please even the pickiest smokers. Their selection includes Cherry Crush, Classic Tobacco, Java Jolt, Magnificent Menthol, Peach Schnapps, Piña Colada, and Vivid Vanilla, my personal favorite, each of them delivering rich and powerful sensations. In terms of design, Blu Cigs chose a simple, yet very sophisticated look, making their product available in black or …


The SmokeTip e cigarette brand offers very competitive products at amazingly affordable prices. They offer only one Starter Kit that includes 2 batteries, 5 nicotine infused flavor cartridges, USB & wall adapter, all of them packed in a nice gift  at the very reasonable price of $59.95. Instead of creating ten different Starter kits, they focus on making the best one available and they always add improvements to it, according to the market’s demands. The electronic cigarette promoted and sold by them follows the two-piece design, which they called the “Eazy-Drag System”, and is of excellent quality. They offer a …


Out of all the various electronic cigarette brands this one has one of the coolest and most distinguishable personas. Bull Smoke is located in Fernley, Nevada and it has made a name for itself by using the western theme posing as the e-cig brand tailor made for men. While not one of the most known brands, it stands out due to its very low prices and the build quality of its devices. If you are browsing the net for a starter kit then you’ve probably come across this company so let’s take a closer look at its products. Variety Bull …


It’s a real fact that electronic cigarettes are getting cheaper and cheaper as the industry progresses and more brands appear on the market each month. Gone are the days when there were only a few online companies which imported the devices from China and sold them for big profits. Cigavette is a relatively new company but it has quickly become one of the industry’s revelations of late 2013 and the beginning of 2014. Variety Cigavette is specialized in cig-a-like devices and it’s fighting a big war with all the competitors in the same segment with some innovative ideas and marketing …


Smokeless Image is one of the most surprising players on the ecigarette market and even though it’s not a very well known brand, their products are of impressive quality and a lot of positive reviews have spread across the online world in the last few years. They have managed to keep a reputation for themselves from the beginning and now they are fighting for supremacy with other top companies. Their goal is simple: ultimate customer satisfaction and the best electronic cigarette money can buy. Variety Like many other companies, Smokeless Image has built a name for itself due to its …

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