V2 Starter Kit
5 stars

V2 Starter KitV2 Cigs is an electronic cigarette brand that has been on the market for 7 years. The first thing that stands out with these e-cigarettes is the battery. They allow customers to choose a customized battery that is, you can choose the color and the type: manual or automatic. Although both battery types are very efficient, the manual one produces more vapor but, in the end they are both highly responsive. V2 Cigs products come in four different battery colors, white, black, stainless steel and blue, and in three different sizes – 67mm, 79mm, and 110mm. In terms of looks, their design is pretty sleek and innovative, but at the same time it makes it easier to get used to it as the similarities to the analogs are quite striking. Also, the presentation package is very appealing to the eye, everything looks professional and interesting.

V2 Cigs offers a wide variety of crisp flavors out of which three different tobacco blends: Red, Congress and Sahara. Other flavors include: Menthol, Peppermint, Mint Tea, Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, and Cherry. But, they also offer limited edition flavors such as Classic Menthol, Cola, and Grape. If you are confused by the many choices you can always purchase a ten flavor sampler and make the combinations you desire; also, it will save you some money too, until you decide on your favorite. Or you can opt for custom cartridges with flavors of your own picking, even ones that are not in their offer. Another interesting aspect is that you can purchase empty cartridges and fill them yourself with e-liquid of your choosing. Additionally, you should know that vaping on these e-cigs feels very smooth, the amount of vapor released is by far one of the best I tried and most of the flavors have a great throat hit.

V2 Cigs offers seven types of Standard Kits: Express, Economy, Standard, Standard Plus, Couples, Traveler and Ultimate, each of them being perfect for beginning a new e-cig experience. Moneywise you should know that these e-cigarettes brand will save you plenty, as the Economy Starter Kit will cost you $49.95 and the Standard Starter Kit only $64.95, and with the next purchases you’ll only have to get cartridges. With V2 the larger the pack of cartridges you buy, the bigger the saving.  In addition, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and have great customer service. The only downsize to this otherwise amazing device provided by V2Cigs is that they do not offer free shipping and the delivery might take a while. Other than that, I recommend V2 Cigs as an awesome e-cigarette brand.


Conclusion Rating
Tyler: Definetly one to check out!!! We Used to list the Premium Kit but we think that the cheaper standard kit will be as much value for your money.
4 stars
Laura: The quality is very good! I do think their a bit manly, especially because I know what their female's line looks like.
4 stars
Kevin: This is one of my favorites! Everything you need is in the box and you can choose you're own battery, that is awesome.
5 stars
Ashley: I really like the fact that V2 offers seven different starter kits. You can really choose the kit that fits your needs most. I also like the fact that they offer limited flavors, I really like to try them all!
4 stars


  1. Meghan4 years ago

    Can’t say enough good things about V2. A friend got me this starter kit a few months ago and I haven’t smoked a single cigarette since then. All of their flavors also taste great!

  2. Brekke4 years ago

    We received our second order today. Charged the batteries as noted in the user manual and they lasted FOUR hours. I will never buy from V2 again and do not recommend this brand to anyone. Stay away. Really bad

  3. Brekke4 years ago

    We ordered first time from V2 december 2014, and the battery lasted only 2 and 3 weeks. I contacted Customer service yesterday and asked what I should expect from their batteries. One of them is getting really hot when you connect it to the mouth peace and it makes a noise so we think it is dangerous regarding fire. The other one worked one more week but now it last only for few hours before you have to charge it again and again.
    The answer I got was that they will send me new batteries, but I have to pay for the cost to return the old one. Which means that when a battery last for only 3 weeks you have to add the cost of the return to your stuff when you buy from V2. Which means the cost is much higher. Expecelly when you live in a country where the postal cost is expensive. I recommend you to buy from a company that sell something you can trust will last for more that two weeks and not give you extra costs.

  4. William English4 years ago

    Buyer Beware

    V2 Cigs has competent marketing. Their products are compare well to what is available from other vendors. It is easy to make purchases from their website. However, placing an order and paying for the product does not necessarily mean that you will receive your product.

    I ordered products from the V2 website that I have not received. I made repeated requests that they ship my products to no avail. Finally, I requested that they credit back to my card the money that they have taken from me. I have not had any success getting V2 Cigs to resolve the transaction.

    This was my third order with V2, and my last. This experience has made me regret any interaction with the company. I will also mention that they will not ship on the same day that you order. It makes no difference the time of day, they will hold your order from shipping for at least 24 hours before shipping.

    • Tyler Peterson4 years ago

      Hi William, Let me know what you need or ordered and I will check if I can help you out. I never had a problem with V2 payments or shipping. Please use the contact form or email me at tyler@whichecigarette.com.

      • tony4 years ago

        been with V2-long time and I also have never had a major issue with them

  5. Jason4 years ago

    I have tried almost all the brands and by far V2 offers the most choices. Is the most economical for savings you recieve specially the 15% off with every order!I know have been smoke free for 2 months and I can actually run again without being as winded.I was losing my voice and smelled like a ashtray.I rate V2 the best on the market for all practical reasons prices choices and free shipping.I usually pay the six dollars and get my order in 2-3 businesss days.

  6. Luis Castillo4 years ago

    Wow! On the second place? I really don’t know if to go with this or getting the Halo kit. But I really like the flavors listed here

  7. Leewanie4 years ago

    I love everything about it. We started with the cheaper starter kit and slowly upgraded from there. This way turns out to be a lot cheaper than regular cigarettes and it’s better for our health.

  8. Agnes4 years ago

    I bought the starter kit from V2 a few months ago. It’s great that they decided to offer a lower price. I recommend their fruity flavors too!

  9. Chuck K4 years ago

    After trying over 7 different brands of e-cigs I have found the V2 to be absolutely the best. I have no idea how they rate Blu as high as they do. There batteries are terrible.

  10. Karen R.4 years ago

    I was able to stop my pack a day habit with my first e-cig. Research led me to V2 and I have not ever been sorry with their operation, from customer service to shipping. Highly recommend this company and their products. Start up kits are inexpensive, I’ve had a couple of battery failures, but when I reported what happened got replacements withing a day, usually with some sort of extra credit or offer to try a new product. I’ve tried other e-cigs, nothing holds a candle to V2 as far as quality of smoke, quantity of vapor. V-2 Rocks, 24/7/365

  11. Pablo4 years ago

    he probado muchos cigarrillos electrónicos pero el que mas me gusto ha sido V2 Cigs empezando por su precio cumple la relación calidad/costo y el sabor de sus cartuchos es excelente

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