V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer

Price: 129.99
V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer

We have been waiting for the Series 7 from V2 for quite some time now and we were delighted to receive ours only a few days ago. We were really impressed with the Series 3 and knew that the 7 would take vaping to a whole new level so you could understand our excitement. Advertised as the premium 3 in 1 vaporizer, the V2 Pro Series 7 – same as the Series 3 – can handle e-liquid, loose leaf tobacco and also wax and essential oils. But unlike its predecessor, this new toy from V2 is much bigger in size and comes with an impressive battery that’s going to last for days.

Unboxing the Pro Series 7

Before we get any further let’s focus a bit on the packaging and unboxing. The V2 Pro Series 7 comes packed in a nice quality black cardboard box that’s wrapped in plastic. Once you remove the exterior cover you will need to remove the cap and inside you will notice the user manual and the vaporizer sitting just below (we got the blue version, but from what we’ve seen online you can also order it in black or silver). If you take out the vaporizer and the plastic container you will also spot the charging cable, the wall adapter, and a loose leaf cartridge that comes included in the kit.

Differences Pro Series 7 vs Pro Series 3

Right from the start there are some key differences between the Series 7 and the V2 Pro Series 3, with size being definitely the first thing you will notice. This vaporizer is more than double in volume (a total length of 130mm and a diameter of 35mm) with respect to its predecessor and it’s also heavier at around 120g. However, it’s a pleasure to handle and the balance and feel are perfect. The cartridges are way bigger and the mouth piece is made from hard black plastic. Also the battery packs a whopping 1800 mAh which is more than enough for a full day of vaping.

The e-liquid cartridge has a total capacity of 2.5ml, which is enough for around 1,200 regular puffs. To refill you will have to slide the unit out of the recessed chamber, twist the mouth piece and remove it before unscrewing the metal cap. You can now easily pour in the e-liquid of your choice until you notice it reaching the maximum limit on the transparent window. Assemble the vaporizer back together and you are ready to puff. The V2 Pro Series 7 uses microchip technology to determine the type of cartridge you have attached and it will automatically adjust itself depending on situation. When in e-liquid mode you have the option of adjusting between three voltage levels – 3.7V, 4.2V, and 4.7V. To cycle between the settings you need to press the firing button twice in an interval of 0.5s.

Power and Charging

At 3.7V it’s like vaping on the maximum power with the V2 Series 3, while at 4.7V it’s like puffing on a mechanical mod or advanced personal vaporizer. As we expected, the Series 7 is a huge improvement on V2 products in general and one of the best devices we tested so far. We found the medium (4.2V) setting to work best with our RY4 e-liquid and had to refill twice for a full day of testing the product – so it’s definitely a step forward in comparison to its predecessor. The battery is also great, and depending on your vaping style and settings it might not need recharging for around two days of moderate puffing. We found that using it at the maximum voltage dramatically affects the time between charges with around 4 to 6 hours of heavy puffing.

The Pro Series 7 Loose leaf cartridge

The loose leaf cartridge is very easy to slide in once you take out the e-liquid unit and it has a capacity of 1300mm3 with three different temperature settings – 200 °C, 210 °C, and 225 °C achieved through conduction heating. You can use it with pipe tobacco or any kind of dry herb mixture and it reaches the desired temperature in around 20-25 seconds. To fill the cartridge with tobacco you have to make sure it’s not packed too tightly and it’s not crossing over the white ceramic line. Once you mount the cartridge in the recessed chamber you need to press the firing button and the watch the LED light changing color as it eventually turns green and the device becomes ready to puff on. You can inhale without pressing the button as it has a cut-off period of 120s. The wax and essential oils cartridge will be available in the near future and it would certainly make a good addition to your collection.

As expected, the connections between the cartridges and the vaporizer as well as between the charging cable and the vaporizer are fully magnetic and a delight to plug in and out. The build quality is solid and the device performs incredible. With no doubt in mind we have to say that this is definitely V2’s flagship for the moment and a great step forward for a company that was renowned for its cig-a-likes.

Final thoughts

Positives: vapor production is great, the device is very responsive and a pleasure to use, excellent loose leaf cartridge (we have to be honest and tell you we are not such big fans of vaporizing tobacco or herbs but it performs top notch) and a very capable battery.

Negatives: the e-liquid cartridge can be refilled for around 20 times before needing to be replaced with a new one. This happens because gradually the coils wear out – but we would surely appreciate V2 releasing a cartridge with replaceable atomizer heads in the future.

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