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best e-cigarettes 2017

Best e-cigarettes and closed system vaping devices

Looking for an e-cigarette or a closed system vaporizer? We have everything covered from the leading industry brands to the latest competitors on the market in 2017. Two piece cig-a-likes and pod vaporizers under the scope. If a product passed our rigorous testing you’ll find it on the list.

best vape pens 2017

Best Vape Pens for liquids, waxes & herb in 2017

Whether you’re looking for a vaporizer pen as your first e-cig or need a backup for your high end mod, you came to the right place. We compared the best e-liquid pens available online and ranked them according to their performance. Also plenty of dry herb, waxes and concentrates vape pen starter kits to choose from.

best box mods vape mods 2017

Superior Vape Mods, Box Mods and E-cig Mods in 2017

We thoroughly tested and compared all the current leading box mods and divided them into several categories. Everything from the best All In One vaping mods to High Power devices and everything in between. If you’re looking for the best ecig mod starter kit or the stealthiest vape check out our full list.

best disposable e-cigs 2017

Best Disposable E-cigarettes in 2017

Our ultimate guide for some of the best disposable e-cigarettes still available on the market today. Top brands as well as top performing newcomers ranked according to vapor production and number of puffs. Forget about those poor performing gas station alternatives and check out the ultimate disposable e-cig lineup.

best closed system low output vapes

Best Pod Vapes & Closed system, Low output mods 2017

Need a quick nic fix? Nothing does it better than pod vapes and low output mods. We thoroughly tested the most popular products in this category and ranked them according to their overall score. From closed system vaporizers with 50mg nicotine to ecigs with refillable pods and tiny all in one vapes here’s the ultimate lineup.