• Top 5 flavorful e-cigars picks

    Top 5 flavorful e-cigars picks

    Electronic cigars have been around for almost half a decade. These devices replicate Habanos to the last detail and their flavor is just awesome. Depending on manufacturer they can be either disposable or rechargeable, and some models even allow for e-liquid refills. They fell natural in the hand, the battery lasts for a good few hours and they are perfect to share with friends. We’ve tested various brands across the years and these are our top 5 flavorful e-cigars: Number 5 -Smoking Vapor Gold Tobacco E-Cigar There’s no better way to relax than with a good e-cigar and Smoking Vapor …

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  • How e-cigarettes and disposables work

    How e-cigarettes and disposables work

    The e-cigarettes are some very advanced devices, that’s why their functioning may be a little bit unclear. I’ll try to explain you step by step how they are made, how should you use it and what makes it different from the analog cigs. The smokeless cigs are devices powered by a battery, in order to turn an aromatic liquid into vapors that contain nicotine, which can be inhaled for satisfying your nicotine need, but all this without any ash, smoke or fire and without any toxic substances released while using them. The fact that there are no burning resulted gases …

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  • All about nicotine salt e-juices

    All about nicotine salt e-juices

    There is a real hype these days about nicotine salt e-juices and ultra portable ecigs. Whether we’re talking about pod systems or refillable personal vaporizers one thing is certain – these devices offer an overall experience similar to that of combustible cigarettes. It has to do with the chemical structure of nicotine and the way it gets absorbed into our bodies. WHAT ARE NICOTINE SALT E-JUICES? As opposed to freebase nicotine usually found in standard e-liquids, nicotine salts is the substance’s natural form. It’s the way you find it in tobacco leaves and it turns out it can by quite …

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  • Reasons why your juice tastes burnt and how to prevent it

    Reasons why your juice tastes burnt and how to prevent it

    It’s morning and you’ve just poured yourself a warm cup of coffee. You’re ready to take a good fulfilling pull out of your ecig when all of a sudden you taste something awful and start coughing straight away. A dry hit is definitely not a great start for the day, but here are the main reasons why your juice tastes burnt and what to do to prevent it. WHAT IS A DRY HIT? Dry hits occur when the cotton or wicking material inside the coil doesn’t get fully saturated with e-liquid. This means that when you press the fire button …

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  • TPD regulations in Europe

    TPD regulations in Europe

    As of May 20, 2017 a new set of rules have come into effect all over the European Union. TPD regulations don’t only affect the sales of combustible tobacco products but also electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. With consumer safety as the main priority, the EU Tobacco Products Directive aims at standardizing a wide range of devices and nicotine containing juices. Nicotine itself is a highly toxic drug and can be potentially fatal to children and pets. The main concern is that this drug can enter the system not only by ingestion but also through the skin. This is why the …

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  • How to choose e-liquids and what to look out for

    How to choose e-liquids and what to look out for

    Looking at the shelves of any vape store or browsing through dozens of pages full of products from any online vape shop one thing is certain – there are so many e-liquids out there that it’s almost impossible to try them all. Back in the day we were used to seeing 4-6 brands tops and most of those were tobacco flavors, but now there’s so much diversity on the market and so many variations of the same aroma that it gives this overwhelming sensation. When first trying personal vaporizers, our recommendation would be to start off with a tobacco flavor. …

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  • Turning Point Brands family welcomes VaporBeast

    Turning Point Brands family welcomes VaporBeast

    If you’ve been reading our page for some time know you probably know we get a majority of our products from VaporBeast. They are one of the leading online stores for vape gear, accessories and e-liquids and the products they sell are always top notch. Everything from electronic to mechanical mods, sub ohm tanks, rebuildable atomizers and wire. It’s one of the biggest online platforms for ecig commerce and we recently found out Turning Point Brands decided to welcome them to their family. In a transaction estimated at approximately $27 million, Turning Point Brands just announced it signed a definitive …

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  • The History of e-cigarettes

    The History of e-cigarettes

    Did you know e-cigarette exist ten years already? E-cigarettes were developed in 2003 in China. The 52-years old Hon Lik was a heavy smoker and a pharmacist and after his father’s dead he desperately wanted to quit smoking. He invented the electronic cigarettes and Golden Dragon Holdings developed his plan. They called it Ruyan. In wasn’t until 2007 that the United States got interested in e-cigarettes and started importing them. The first years after the US started importing e-cigarettes were pretty quiet, but in 2008 electronic cigarettes became a worldwide topic, unfortunately not in a good way. While loads of …

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  • August 8 and vaping as we know it

    August 8 and vaping as we know it

    As you probably know it by now, August 8, 2016 came with new FDA regulations over the vaping industry and started a two year process in which manufacturers have to register their facilities and products if they want to continue selling after August 8, 2018. And this will have a massive impact on all vapers across the United States, since – in the current form – the regulations will allow the sale of new products (released after February 2007) only if they are approved by the FDA. There is still hope that the US Congress will change the date of …

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  • Types of atomizers explained

    Types of atomizers explained

    If you’re new to vaping and you’re looking for a device but don’t understand all the terms so clearly let us help you out by presenting the all the types of atomizers explained in depth and full of references to actual products you can buy. The atomizer is the part of the vaporizer that goes on top of the battery and it’s where the e-liquid gets transformed into vapor when it comes in contact with the heating element. So the atomizer includes the base that screws onto the mod, the deck with the heating element (or coil / coils) and …

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