Why disposable vapes are still popular today - learn more about your favorite ecigs

Why disposable vapes are still a thing

Many people thought that advanced box mods, pens and pod systems would mean the end of disposable vapes. But contrary to popular belief these non rechargeable e-cigarettes are still popular even in 2019. Some use them as a way to give vaping a try and often they end up sticking with the product. And the brands as well as the range of disposable vapes have vastly increased in the last few years. Nowadays we have everything from disposable pods to disposable pens for oils and the list can go on.

What is a disposable e-cigarette

A disposable ecig is a type of vape that’s meant to be tossed after use. Its battery is not rechargeable and once the e-liquid reservoir gets depleted there nothing much you can do with it. These devices are usually very easy to use since they activate on draw and don’t require any previous experience. Some come with an LED tip that lights up each time you inhale, but that’s not a general rule.

The main type of disposable vapes

Across the years we have tested many great disposable e cigs. From cigarette shaped units to the more modern pod style disposables. But generally speaking these devices fall in a few distinct categories:

  • Cig-a-like disposables are probably the most predominant and for good reasons. These are some of the first type of electronic cigarettes to hit the market and they made the transition to starter kits.
  • Nicotine salts disposables are pretty new and they offer much higher nic concentrations. These are usually shaped like regular cigarettes, but we’ve also seen a few pod versions in the past months.
  • Disposable pod vapes are also relatively new to the market and - as the name probably tells it - they are shaped like pods. These have higher puff ratings and use the latest technology available.
  • Disposable wax vaporizers are tiny dab vapes that you can fill with your favorite products. Their batteries are enough for about two full sessions and performance is pretty good.
  • Disposable pens for oils are also becoming more and more popular. You have to fill the reservoir yourself, but the battery is quite powerful and will generally give really good results.
  • And last but definitely not least we have disposable cigars. These are some of the most powerful vapes with non rechargeable batteries and their flavor is outstanding.

Why disposable ecigs are still popular

The reason behind their popularity is their price. Disposable ecigs are the most affordable vapes and they offer a peak on what to expect from vaping in general. Smokers can easily give them a try and see if they work, what flavors they might fancy and which nicotine strength is similar to the feeling of actual cigarettes.

Another great thing about these toss-able vapes is that you can buy them in batches and use them whenever you feel the need. They can provide a great back-up for your mod and they are perfect for vacations or traveling. Also the choice of flavors is pretty good and the diversity of products make disposable ecigs a very important niche of the industry.

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