Epuffer ePipe 629X 2019 review - Classy electronic pipe with lots of perks

Price: 179.95
Epuffer ePipe 629X 2019

We decided to take a break from the usual box mods, pen vapes and dry herb devices and review something completely different for a change. The ePuffer Epipe 629X 2019 is definitely not a product for everyone, but it does have a certain note of elegance to it.

The device is mostly intended for veteran pipe users and it manages to mimic the real pipe quite well. It’s also not cheap, but the level of craftsmanship, attention to details and vaping experience are - in our opinion - worth the price.

What to expect from the Epipe 629X 2019

When you receive the ePuffer Epipe 629X 2019 you can tell right off the bat that this is a high end product. The packaging is actually a very classy wooden box that feels very premium. Inside you will find the pipe itself with the silver Liquamizer attached, a spare Liquamizer, a total of 5 atomizers, two rechargeable batteries, a spare bowl cap and a Nitecore charger that comes in its separate box.

Things we like about the new Epipe 629X

The first Epipe 629X was launched many years ago, and we have to say the 2019 version is the best so far. The body is made from hard wood and the finish is top notch. It has the perfect amount of weight to it and this gets even better when you slide in the battery.

There are two tanks and two bowl caps you get with the kit. The standard one is silver and the spare one is golden. This ensures so much versatility and it can totally match your mood or personal style.

Both tanks have the same 19mm diameter and they are 510 threaded. The mouthpiece feels very natural and it’s made from plastic.

The best thing about the ePuffer 629X is the fact that it’s activated on draw. You don’t have to worry about setting the right voltage or pressing any buttons. You just grab it and inhale and it works every single time. Both bowl caps have LED lights which turn on each time you take a puff. This helps mimic smoking on an actual pipe and really improves the visual experience.

The tank and 629X coils

Both tanks that come with the ePuffer Epipe 629X kit are identical and have a 2.0ml capacity if you purchase it from Europe or 3.0ml capacity if you purchase the product from the US or anywhere else.

There are 5 coils included in the kit and they are all rated for 1.0 Ohms resistance, which is very good considering the small 1100mAh 18350 batteries.

To replace the coil you need to take off the base of the tank, while on refills you need to take off the top section.

The draw is not too tight and not too loose and it accounts for good vapor production and great flavor. Don’t expect sub ohm results, but it does deliver a nice experience.

Performance of the 629X ePipe

The ePuffer 629X ePipe is a very elegant vape suitable for users looking for an almost authentic pipe experience. The new coils deliver better flavor and vapor than their predecessors and the mouthpiece design vastly improves the overall quality. Battery life is not great, however you do get two cells out of the box as well as a high end desktop charger. You can also swap these quite easily so it won’t be a problem.

We know it’s not a very cheap e-pipe but the build quality and overall performance make this device an absolute winner in our books. It’s not the kind of vape you want to carry around all day, but it’s excellent to get you relaxed at home or at the office.

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