MigVapor Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer review - powerful vaporizer with temp control

Price: 159.95
MigVapor Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer

The MigVapor Khan dry herb vaporizer is a powerful and easy to use device that’s aimed at beginners and intermediate users. Despite having just one button, this vaporizer features adjustable heating temperatures between 302-464F, as well as vibration feedback. It comes with a regular glass mouthpiece as well as a Pyrex bubbler out of the box and the overall experience is simply outstanding.

What to expect from the MigVapor Khan dry herb vaporizer

First of all, in terms of presentation and packaging the MigVapor Khan dry herb vaporizer looks and feels like a premium product. Inside the cardboard presentation box you will receive the device itself, the standard mouthpiece, the bubbler mouthpiece, a cleaning brush, a pair of tweezers, a charging cable, alcohol tissues, and the user manual.

There are two available colors for this product, so you can get your Khan in either Black or Red. The body is made from aerospace grade aluminum and the the build quality is really good.

Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer functionality

In terms of functionality the MigVapor Khan vaporizer is conduction device with full temperature control. The ceramic coated oven is located on the top side, right under the mouthpiece and it takes between 40 - 60s for it to heat up. It has a total capacity of 0.5 grams, which is one of the biggest in the industry.

One great thing about the Khan herb vaporizer is that the glass mouthpiece has a metallic insert with threads. This makes it screw onto the body rather than be press fitted or held in place by magnets.

Another great thing is that you get a free Pyrex glass bubbler inside the box. This is perfect for cooling down the vapor and to give a smoother experience. You just fill it with water and inhale like you would from the standard glass mouthpiece.

The device is powered by an internal battery rated for 2500mAh. This is more than enough for over 10, 5 minute long sessions on a single charge and it recharges in about 2.5 hours.

How to operate the Khan Vaporizer

You will need a grinder in order to use this device to its full potential. Make sure you don’t pack the oven too tightly and use either the glass or bubbler mouthpiece, depending on your personal preference.

To turn on the Khan Vaporizer just press the button for five consecutive times. The notification light will blink several times and then start to glow red as the device heats up. On the left hand side of the display you will see the current temperature and on the right hand side we have the vaping temperature. As soon as the device reaches the vaping temperature it will vibrate and the light will turn green.

In order to set a specific temperature you need to keep the button pressed for 3 seconds. Then press in slow consecutive steps to adjust the value in 1F increments. To increase the temperature in 50F increments just press and hold the button. When you get close to the value you have in mind just make small adjustments until you reach that specific temperature.

After 5 minutes of heating, the device will automatically turn itself off. Make sure to let it cool down and to clean it between sessions to increase its lifespan.

Khan vaporizer performance

The MigVapor Khan Vaporizer is an excellent mid-range dry herb device with precise temperature control and great battery life. The 0.5 gram oven is ideal for 5 minute sessions and the vibration feedback is really useful. The fact that you get a free glass bubbler makes this deal even more amazing considering the price to performance ratio.

The biggest con we found is with temperature adjustment. The process is tedious and even frustrating at times. We get having one button makes things very simple, but to adjust from 302 to 464F in 1F button press repetitions, that is just outrageous. Especially if by pressing the button slightly faster for 5 consecutive times you turn the device off completely.

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