PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer

Price: 274.99
PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer

The PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer is one of the best devices in its category. The amount of vapor you get from such a stealthy vape is amazing. Flavor wise it also ranks pretty high and battery life has been greatly improved over its predecessor, the PAX 2. It’s a high end portable vaporizer packed with features and built to deliver one a truly outstanding overall experience.

With a price tag of $275 the PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer is not exactly cheap. As a matter of fact it’s in the same category with the Davinci IQ. However you do get what you pay for, a state of the art device with Bluetooth and a dedicated smart-phone app.

What you get

Pax 3 vaporizer packaging Packaging and presentation are top notch and resembles Apple products. In the box, besides the vaporizer you also get the maintenance kit, three spare oven screens, the concentrates insert, a packing tool, charging cable and dock, two oven lids and two mouthpieces.

Looks and features

The PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer feels light and portable and the finish is glossy. It’s powered by an internal battery with a total capacity of 3500mAh. The outer shell is made from anodized aluminum, however, it’s prone to fingerprints and easy scratching. The device is available in four different colors, Black being our personal favorite.

The power button is placed on top, and it’s integrated within the mouthpiece. You do get an extra mouthpiece but we mostly enjoy the flat one that comes already fitted. Pressing the power button will turn the device on or off and it will also cycle through the four temperature presets. Four LED notification lights will change color and indicate the desired temperature, battery life or that the vaporizer is heating up.

Preset temperatures

It takes seconds for the PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer to reach the desired temperature. Heat up time is lighting fast and it will also vibrate when it’s ready to vape. Battery life is enough to last you multiple hours but it mainly depends on your preferred temperature settings. The default presets are 360F, 380F, 400F, and 420F. These are indicated by the colors green, yellow, orange, and red.

The dedicated smartphone app gives you in depth control over the PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer. You can change operating modes, temperature, heat up temperatures and make it stealthier. Select between Boost more, Efficiency mode or Stealth mode to get the most form your vape. The user manual shows detailed information about all these mods and other settings you will find inside the app.


In terms of performance the PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer really shines. It’s one of the best devices we tested, with great vapor production and pure flavor. The oven has a total capacity of 0.2 grams, however you can always pack it halfway full and use the extra magnetic door. The concentrates attachment offers even more versatility but we recommend using the smartphone app to boost temperature. The only con is the shiny finish which is hard to keep clean. It also scratches very easily and doesn’t live up to the $275 price tag.

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