Vaporfi Atom

Price: 139.99
Vaporfi Atom

Dry herb vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular and the Vaporfi Atom has one of the best quality to prices ratios out there. The pocket-sized, lightweight device is available in four different colors and totally rocks when it comes to flavor. It’s not as high tech as more expensive loose leaf vaporizers on the market but it does a great job even without an LED display.

What you get

The Vaporfi Atom comes packed in a cardboard gift box and inside you will find the device itself, a replacement screen, a packing tool, a charging cable two cleaning pipes and the user manual. Nothing too fancy, but at the same time except for a grinder it includes everything you need for a satisfying dry herb experience.

Looks and features

The Vaporfi Atom has a durable metallic body with a a nice brushed finish and feels very good in the hand. The mouthpiece is made from food grade silicone and doesn’t have any weird tastes or odors. The oven is placed on the bottom and it’s covered by a magnetic door. The device doesn’t have any rattle and the magnets are pretty strong so it will never get loose by accident.

This portable dry herb vaporizer is powered by an internal battery rated at 3000mAh. This offers more than decent autonomy and it should last between 5 – 6 full sessions. It comes with over voltage, short circuit and over discharge protection so you will always be on the safe side. It automatically goes into standby mode if you don’t use it for 30 seconds and has motion sensing technology to show remaining battery life each time you shake the device. Green means the battery is full, yellow means the charge is partial and red means you need to plug it in.

Preset temperatures

The same LED indicator lights used for the battery have a secondary purpose. They show the current temperature level and there are three different settings you can cycle and choose from. By holding down the button for a couple of seconds you can switch between Blue, Yellow and Red. Blue represents 360F, Yellow 410F and Red is 464F. Battery will last longer when using blue and yellow temperature settings.

A white light on the Vaporfi Atom will act as an indicator that the device is ready to use. If you shake it twice it will start heating up to the selected temperature. As the device heats up a purple light will blink until it’s ready to vape.


Performance wise the Vaporfi Atom delivers incredible flavor and build quality for its price tag. Feels durable, battery life is well above average and it doesn’t burn the dry herb material. Doesn’t deliver clouds like a $300 vaporizer but it does its job perfectly and it’s a product we highly recommend.

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