7 Great alternatives to the JUUL vape - open and closed pod system which rock

7 Great alternatives to the JUUL vape

Despite being considered the best selling e-cigarette product of all time, this device it’s still surrounded by a lot of controversy. Because of this we decided to present a few great alternatives to the JUUL vape and tell you why you should give them a try. From the much lower monthly cost to an almost infinite array of flavors and nicotine concentrations, these e-cigs have quickly become popular among vapers.

Closed system JUUL alternatives

Probably the most user friendly JUUL alternatives are devices that don’t differ too much in terms of looks and functionality. Most of these vapes work with pre-filled cartridges or pods and are as easy to use as the original.


The PHIX pod system is one great alternative to the JUUL. It works the same way and offers very similar flavors. The pods are almost twice the volume compared to the JUUL ones and vapor production is on par. The only downside is that the new pod design has made them very inconsistent and prone to leaks.


The BO ONE is a pod system designed in France and it’s one of the best we tried. Their caps boast a wide range of flavors and hold almost twice the e-liquid inside a JUUL pod. Battery life is also considerably better and the overall monthly cost is almost the same.


The myBlu vape device is another popular JUUL alternative kit especially in the United States. This was derived from the My Von Erl pod mod and features really good vapor production and flavor. It boasts a bigger battery, bigger cartridges and lifetime warranty.

RipTide RipStick

The RipStick from RipTide is one of the newer pod vapes on the market, yet it managed to grown in popularity extremely fast. It comes with 5 cartridges out of the box, which are slightly bigger than the JUUL’s. The device is very easy to use as it activates on draw and offers great battery life.

Open system JUUL substitutes

Open system JUUL substitutes are similar in design and performance, however they work with refillable pods. This greatly diminishes the overall monthly cost of vaping and allows for an almost infinite choice of flavors and nicotine levels. It does require a bit of practice and steady hands when refilling but it’s not rocket science and the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

SMOK Infinix

The SMOK Infinix is hands down one of the best alternatives to the JUUL vape. Everything from the tightness of the draw to the quality of the vapor make this device one of our all time favorites. It’s also one of the cheapest devices to get for vaping and it gets the job done without too much effort. The pods can be refilled more than 10 times and the process is pretty straightforward.

Uwell Caliburn

The Uwell Caliburn is an incredibly popular open system pod style kit. Powered by a generous 520mAh battery this tiny bad boy delivers one of the best vaping experience in this segment. It works like a charm and it’s excellent for both nicotine salts and freebase e-liquids. If you are a beginner and want something that is guaranteed to work every single time this is definitely the device for you.

Suorin Edge

The Suorin Edge is one of the most advanced pod systems in terms of functionality. This ultra portable e-cig is extremely pocket friendly, easy to use and a pleasure to vape on. It uses refillable cartridges, has a built-in 230mAh battery and the maximum output is 10W. It’s the ideal device to use with any type of nicotine alts.

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