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WhichEcigarette.com was established by a group of skeptical friends that were looking for a way to stop smoking. After nicotine patches, pills and alternative medication we decided to start vaping. In 2011 there were not much electronic-cigarette brands around. We decided to each buy a different brand. Most of the times we unanimously agreed that one brand was better than the other. After doing this ecig model exchange for a while we decided to share our opinions, remarks and information online! Why not? People dealing with the same problem will easily be able to make a wise decision right? We listed only the best ecigarette models. From simple and cheap disposable ecigs to the more advanced premium ecigarettes like mods and APV’s.

Over time our team grew and now we have 5 reviewers that each have a different smoking experience. Read about us and if you have any questions please contact us.


Meet the team


tyler petersonName: Tyler Peterson

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Smoker: Occasional – but only when he can’t find his favorite e-liquid

You don’t have to meet Tyler twice to get it that he’s quite a trendsetter. By simply watching him using the products we test, you quickly understand that electronic cigarettes can also be a fashionable accessory. Although he continues smoking, he declares that his life wouldn’t be the same without vaping. He uses analogs only when he can’t find his favorite e-liquid, but as you can imagine, that doesn’t happen that often. Another thing that describes him is that he’s analytical and also demanding, so don’t worry if he’ll sometimes ask for too much from a product..


kevinName: Kevin Fields

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Smoker: No – ecigarette fan

If you want to describe Kevin in one word, I’m sure that everybody would agree that it is “geek”. You know all the technical details that we try to avoid? Well, he loves them and knows exactly which technology each cigarette uses and how much each battery will last by only checking its manual. At 25yo he’s the youngest member of our team and a very enthusiastic guy that would test electronic cigarettes all day long. He uses eGo cigarettes and made a real passion for testing exotic flavors and even modifying the custom kits he purchased.


AshleyName: Ashley Loeb

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Smoker: No – only likes the fruity flavors, being disgusted by the smoke and ash

Ashley never smoked and was always disgusted about the idea of inhaling tobacco smoke and about all the other disadvantages of using an analog. She likes fruity flavors and you’ll see that she can’t stop talking about the nicotine free e-liquids and how great they are. As a person in her mid-twenties, she admitted that many of her friends are tempted to smoke, but she’s pretty much safe, because by using her favorite aromas she’s not even tempted to try it. She used e-cigs for a few years, and when the first model specifically designed for women was created, she was the happiest person on Earth.


lauraName: Laura Ross

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Smoker: Yes – but trying to get rid of this habit

It’s well known that mature women know exactly what they want, and that’s probably why Laura’s reviews are so specific. She carefully analyzes everything, writing some of the most exigent reviews. She describes herself as a normal person that tested all sort of ecigarettes, and continues to smoke analogs, although she likes to call it a “bad habit”. Laura likes the classic flavors, and she confesses that she always picks the e-liquids that have a large amount of nicotine. Being an editor for WhichEcigarette was the natural step for her, after years of moderating e-cig forums and actively helping the community.


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