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If you are looking for a true American electronic cigarette, then Blu Cigs is exactly what you need. This premium e-cigarettes brand takes pride in offering only American made flavors that come in fantastic variety. Made only with natural ingredients, these are superior flavors that will please even the pickiest smokers. Their selection includes Cherry Crush, Classic Tobacco, Java Jolt, Magnificent Menthol, Peach Schnapps, PiƱa Colada, and Vivid Vanilla, my personal favorite, each of them delivering rich and powerful sensations. In terms of design, Blu Cigs chose a simple, yet very sophisticated look, making their product available in black or white. As a common feature, they share a gold band, which makes them even more classy looking. In addition to this, their innovative two-piece design no longer requires buying separate atomizers, as they are now part of the flavor cartridge, therefore saving you significant amounts of money.

As an extra advantage, the new cartridges are compatible with most of Blu Cigs accessories, chargers and batteries, this being in favor of every smoker, including the ones that, just like me, bought the kit before this design change. Being interested in providing an authentic smoking experience, Blu Cigs took the decision of using automatic batteries. The battery is now lighter and has a longer life span than the previous versions. Also, the fact that Blu Cigs products kept the same length as analog cigarettes, makes the transition easier and more natural. The one disadvantage that I found is that a charge will only allow you to enjoy a number of approximately 100 puffs, which is less than other e-cigarettes brands offer. Nevertheless, the design, flavors, and experience are top notch.

Blu Cigs offers three types of starter kits: Original, Premium, and Premium100, all of them coming in a cigarette looking package that can be used as an e-cigs carrying case and a mobile charger at the same time. Blu electronic cigarettes and accessories can be found in stores all over the country, but they can also be bought online. Besides all this, you receive a one year warranty, free shipping for every single one of the products, as well as access to 24 hour customer service that works perfectly. Better yet, the Smart Pack Technology that Blu Cigs uses will warn you when other Blu smokers or retailers are near. With these electronic cigarettes you get 100% American flavors, amazing vapor volume, an authentic smoking experience as well as the opportunity to smoke anywhere at any time, making your vice more socially acceptable.

Note: Remember it’s BLU cigarettes and not blue cigarettes.



Conclusion Rating
Ashley:Elegant and sleek design. Great fashion item.
4 stars
Tyler: I just like the black color. And the package is very handy.
4 stars
Laura: The flavors of Blu are amazing! And so is the design.
5 stars


  1. Rich4 years ago

    I use to love the juices but now finding out the are no longer made in the USA but made in China. Very deceptive marketing as it still says all over there website made in USA. The need to be sued before they get there company back on track since big tobacco bout them.

    • Tyler Peterson4 years ago

      Hi Rich, I’m not aware of this however….. Nowadays most products are developed in the US and get produced in China. The products are being made with USA specifications and are tested under USA requirements. I do understand your frustration! And I do understand that its a bit deceiving…. If I can do anything to help let me know!

  2. Brian4 years ago

    I just bought my second starter kit because after a year, my original charger pack and batteries stopped holding a proper charge. This second starter kit stopped charging after 2 weeks, and I just had a cartridge come apart, leaving the heating element stuck to the brand new battery. Also, the flavor of the cartridges goes very quickly, and they never stop producing smoke, which leads me to believe that I’m smoking the cotton that holds the liquid after the liquid dries out. Spare me the “they’ll replace it” talk, because at this point I don’t want a replacement from them. I gave them an extra star because I never believe in 1 star, but they need to use some of that advertising money and put it into quality control.

  3. Andrew4 years ago

    Wow DJ! They really couldn’t help you? I truly like everything I read about the Blu Ecigs, and I was thinking that this will be my next kit. Now I also consider buying an electronic cigarette with a refillable cartridge…

  4. Samantha4 years ago

    So my husband and I are looking to buy a starter kit which type is the best? We bought a disposable blu and LOVE it but is the kit taste the same and what about the quality? I am a heavy smoker and with today being my first day trying ecig I only smoked 6 real cigs. Normally I smoke a pack and a half a day. any suggestions

  5. DJ4 years ago

    I bought a pack when they were just coming out. Very soon I had to buy another starter pack because the batteries do not last very long at all. the replacement cartridges are very expensive $13. they might last about 30 puffs then the flavor goes down hill very fast! I recently bought an ecig with an atomizer and you refill it with a huge variety of flavors. the battery lasts all day, and you only have to refill a couple times throughout the day with heavy use. bottom line is they are expensive, batteries do not last long at all. the one positive thing is the menthol cartridge is the best flavor of all ecigs I’ve tried. The company support is a joke. I tried to call them and they were not helpful at all, they told me to just clean it with a q-tip.

  6. Michael4 years ago

    I like the disposable ones purchased at 7-11 the battery seems to last for 2 -3 days.. I was thinking about buying the starter pack. Does it last as long as the disposables ??

  7. Ian4 years ago

    A piece of crap. Charges don’t last and there is a metallic taste. Nearly impossible to get a deep inhale. The disposables Blu are better than the charge kit. Not worth the money. Try a different brand.

    • Which E Cigarette4 years ago

      We heard similar complaints in the past. Blu will be glad to replace everything that’s broken. Maybe a bad batch? Blu’s quality is one of the better ones so Return and Try again is my suggestion.

  8. Sophie J.4 years ago

    Wow! That sounds like a broken cigarette to me. I mean, I used the Blu ecigarettes and it was ok for me. Probably not a five star experience, but I truly don’t regret my purchase. Did you try to contact them?

  9. Bryan4 years ago

    Garbage. The batteries don’t last that long between charges, cartridges lose their flavor after about 30 puffs, then they have this odd metallic flavor when you inhale. Never purchasing them again.

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