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Halo E-cig is known to be an innovator in the world of electronic cigarettes, as it always brings high quality, all-American products to the market. The e-cigarettes and e-liquid offered by Halo are tar-free and meant to provide the freedom to smoke and enjoy smoking everywhere you go. As opposed to many e-cigarette brands that use e-liquid manufactured overseas with inferior ingredients, the Halo ecigarette uses only ingredients approved by the FDA and FEMA, so that the end products are of premium quality.

The design of the Halo e cigarette is very stylish and the battery comes in five different colors. Also, buyers have the possibility to choose between two manual batteries, two automatic batteries or one of each, according to their preferences. The battery will last for approximately 4 to 6 hours without requiring a recharge. In terms of flavors and nicotine levels, Halo electronic cigarettes come in a wide variety. You can choose between five nicotine levels, the lowest being 0 mg and the highest being 24 mg. There are 23 flavors available for the Halo e cigarette: Menthol ICE, Twisted Java, Belgian Cocoa, Tiki Juice, Longhorn, Midnight Apple, Shamrock, CoolMist Menthol, Prime15, Freedom Juice, Kringles Curse, Tribeca, Captain Jack, Café Mocha, Mystic, Turkish Tobacco, Torque 56, HX3, Bella Valente,  Malibu Menthol,  Truepure Menthol, Fusion, and Smooth 8, all of them 100% made in the USA at the highest quality standards. Halo electronic cigarettes have a two piece design, with the atomizer built in the cartridge for a better handling. Committed to safety and to producing premium e-cigs, they chose the two piece design in order to ensure that the vaping experience will not be compromised by dirty and messy atomizers.

Halo has two different e-cigarette options: the G6, which is a two-piece cig, and the Element, which has a three-piece design and is mainly preferred by more advanced e-cig smokers. The G6 Starter Kit offered by Halo comes in nine different colors and contains two batteries, two blank cartomizers, one wall charger, five filled cartomizers, one USB adapter, one cartomizer case, one storage tin, and an instruction manual. Without a doubt, this is one of the best products on the market at the moment. The look, the sensation and the vapor release are top of the line, visibly better than anything else available. Halo cigarettes are available at a very reasonable price and are perfect both for beginners and more advanced smokers. All in all, Halo’s products and technology are top notch, offering customers all the necessary means to enjoy vaping at its best.


Conclusion Rating
Dave: Best choice in Electronic Cigarettes and fluids. This ecig brand is the only brand that can provide the ecig smoker everything he/she needs when it comes to fluidss and ecig models
5 stars
Tyler: Giving Halo a 5 star rating because I was simply looking for an all black setup. The smoke production is awesome and the flavor selection is bigger than any ecig brand out there
5 stars
Laura: I personally like the more female like ecigs better. Halo worked for me but I always smoked thin cigarettes so I wouldnt switch to halo very easily. If they would develop an ecig like Vapor Couture this would be the ultimate best brand for me!
3 stars
Kevin: Halo Ecigarettes are on our nr 1 spot simply because the smoke production is way better than the rest. A smoker wants a realistic sensation and lots of smoke is one of them. I'm rating them 4 stars because I found it hard to find a "tradittional" flavored liquid
5 stars


  1. Leah4 years ago

    I am trying to find a really good e-cig for a gift for our daughter. She is a pretty heavy smoker Marlboro Reds 1 1/2 to 2 packs a day. She tried one but I don’t know which and it was not “as satisfying as REAL ciggarettes”
    I am really hoping this one is as good as these reviews. Also what level nicotine would be comparable to Marlboro Reds if any one has any recommendations. Thanks

    • Tyler Peterson4 years ago

      Hi Leah,
      Thanks for your interest! Halo is one of the better brands on whichecigarette. If she tried a bad quality ecig I can imagine what that would be like. If you’re really willing to invest in quality Halo is a brand that would work. To be honest I would go for a premium ecig. The taste and smoke production of these devices is better. The only disadvantage would be that they dont look like cigarettes. Take a look here https://www.whichecigarette.com/top-vapes/. If you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

  2. Melissa4 years ago

    I just recently got halo triaton tank starter kit and I absolutely love, love love it. The battery has lasted for several days, it is my first electric cig system that I have bought and i am absolutely extremely happy with it. I spent aprox 2 months doing research and finally decided on halo. And I am very glad I made the right decision. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

    • Tyler Peterson4 years ago

      Hi Melissa,

      Yes they ARE amazing… anyone with a bigger budget I would recommend to buy this amazing ecig! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Julie4 years ago

    I have been smoking for 21 years. I want to quit smoking but I don’t. In other words, I need an ecig that really feels like a real cig. How is the throat hit on the Halo? Does it come with info on the best way to decline your nicotine to quit smoking successful? Thank you for this website!!

    • Tyler Peterson4 years ago

      Hi Julie,
      I always tell people never to compare an electronic cigarette to a real cigarette. Its a device that works with a battery this means that it will always feel heavier than the traditional cig. The throat hit really depends on the flavor and the nicotine strength. The smoke production on the halo’s are awesome. You will need to figure out which flavor will be THE one… This is very personal. I used to smoke marlboro mediums and I’m hooked on the turkish tobacco medium strength 12mg.
      If you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact me via our Chat or our contact form. I hope to have answered your question. Kind regards, Tyler

  4. Kelly Bradshaw4 years ago

    I know it is not listed here, but I was wondering if you know any review I formation regarding the USA Chameleon e-cig, it looks really good but I’m new to e-cigs idea and looking for just the vapour flavour experience not nicotine! Mad I know lol! But chocolate smoke without any addictive substance sounds like a fun pastime! – and also if the USA ones would work in the UK with an adapter I guess. I hope you can help!

    • Tyler Peterson4 years ago

      Hi Kelly, We’re currently reviewing and testing a lot of brands! We will have a list 3 times as big as the one we have now. I’m not familiar with USA Chameleon. We will check them out for sure! Most brands have a 0,0 nicotine cartridges. Most ecig batteries are USB charged so there is nothing to worry about! The chargers work (yes with an adapter). Check out Halo’s Flavors! They have a great selection of the richest flavors. If you have more questions please contact us. -Tyler-

  5. Lauren4 years ago

    I currently smoke Marlboro Lights. Which flavor would be most comparable? I know there is no exact match, but something fairly close would suffice. Any suggestions?

    • Which E Cigarette4 years ago

      Hi Lauren, If you smoked lights I would suggest you to try the Turkish Tobacco with 12 or 6mg nicotine. If you have more questions please enter the chat or email us! We will gladly help you!

  6. Susan4 years ago

    I am new to the ecig world and I was wanting the “healthiest” ecig for myself (if that really exist) being that I have two young children at home. What exactly should I be looking for as far as if this is the “healthiest” ecig on the market? I am trying to get the one with the least chemicals and nicotine possible. Help please what can this ecig offer that others can not?

    • Which E Cigarette4 years ago

      Hi Susan. We recently had a chat about this I hope you found what you’re looking for. We’re really honest here at whichecigarette….. if ecigs would be healthy this would mean the eliquids should contain vitamins. Unfortunately they don’t. Its definitely the healthier alternative compared to smoking tobacco. If you want to stop smoking we advise to start with the same nicotine dosage as your regular cigs and go down from there. If anyone has questions please enter the chat or send us an email!

  7. matt4 years ago

    This review is an advertisement. Don’t trust what you’re reading on this page. It’s setup by this company to make you believe that they are the top rated e cig brand.

    • Which E Cigarette4 years ago

      Hi Matt, We’re an independent team of E-cig testers and we all (5 of us) use ecigs. We started the site because we bought so many crappy ecigs in the past…. together we trew at least 700usd down the drain that’s the exact reason why we started this site. We’re in the process of developing the site even more so our visitors can see why we chose certain brands to be in the toplist. If your hesitant about the info you’re reading please contact us or visit our chatroom! There are lots of crappy review sites and whichecigarette.com does NOT belong in that list! Hope to talk to you soon!

  8. Brian4 years ago

    You’re clearly on the internet when you post a comment, so I suppose it’s too much effort to perhaps google “FEMA”, or even click through to the manufacturer’s website to do more than judge info on a website? I suppose you’re the type that would update your Facebook status after a car accident before you call the police? Goooo team ‘merica!

  9. Ashley Wells4 years ago

    FEMA approved? Highly doubt that. FEMA is the acronym for FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY. It’s the agency that deals with the aftermath of natural disasters – floods, hurricanes. Renders the entire information given here suspect.

    • Which E Cigarette4 years ago

      In this case FEMA stands for Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the United States. They evaluate flavor ingredients for use in products other than food. I hope this is Clear now. We should provide more info on this topic. Thanks for bringing it to light.

  10. Janice Chiusano4 years ago

    I would like to order two starter sets. Please advise me how I order.Thanks

    • Which E Cigarette4 years ago

      Please visit the halo website (yellow button above) and order your starter kits. You need to fill out all the ecig requirements twice. Once both kits are added to your shopping cart you can proceed to the checkout.

  11. v patchett4 years ago

    just letting peeps know they gave me 5 years to live 9 years ago ,I have COPD. I feel a lot better I haven’t stopped because I enjoy smoking .ecig is the best thig I ever did for my health

  12. kai4 years ago

    your article states approved by the FDA and FEMA.Please state where your website pulled these references.

    • Which E Cigarette4 years ago

      Hi Kai
      Please visit the Halo site and click on the WHY HALO button. There you will find the information you are looking for.

  13. George D4 years ago

    It is indeed a great electronic cigarette. I know this because I tested multiple other ones before going with the Halo ecigarette

  14. Barb MartinK4 years ago

    I just love this e-cig. So far I have tried two flavors and the Tribeca is my favorite. I have cut down from a pack of cigarettes a day to 7 or 8. I actually prefer the e-cig. Fantastic product.

  15. Sheri Robbins4 years ago

    Was wanting e cigarette that was light between the fingers,,,so not to have felling off a cigar

  16. Alex Dorian4 years ago

    I’m sure he will like it. This is a premium ecigarette. It produces flavored vapors and has a nice flow.

  17. Travis4 years ago

    Just bought this one. I don’t know anyone that uses it but I have only seen bad reviews for every other e-cig out there. This is e-cig has the best price out there for its given rating also.

  18. Brianna Ahuja4 years ago

    I’m buying my dad an electronic cigarette for his birthday in hopes that it’ll help him eventually quit smoking & I had NO idea what I was even looking for until this website. Thank you so much!

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