Hatty RDA

Price: 35.49
Hatty RDA

When it comes to vaping there’s nothing more intense than the experience you get with a rebuildable dripping atomizer. These devices are incredibly powerful and highly customizable. They are used in all of the cloud chasing competitions and for good reason as they chuck clouds like real fog machines. And when it comes to RDAs there’s an obvious difference between an authentic product and a clone from the quality of materials and threads to the way everything fits together and works as a whole. Today we are going to look at one of the most affordable authentic RDAs on the market today and a real winner when it comes to clouds and flavor. The Hatty RDA comes in two colors (black and stainless) and it’s manufactured by Blitz Enterprises.

The atomizer comes packed in a white cardboard box on the exterior and a transparent plastic box with magnetic top on the interior. Inside you’ll find the fully assembled Hatty RDA, a bag with spare O-rings and screws as well as a 510 drip tip adapter if you don’t fancy the provided chuff cap.

The build quality on this product is incredible and we really love the design with the air slots in the shape of the letter ‘H’. It can be used in both single and dual coil mode (even quad coil mode) and it has a Velocity style build deck that’s more than generous. The device is made of three individual parts – the top cap (with the chuff cap / 510 drip tip adapter), the barrel and the base/deck. On the deck you’ll see two massive airflow holes just under the coils and a big juice well.

Because of the design it’s very easy to mount your coils (even if you decide to use something complicated like a twisted or a Clapton) as the post holes are around 2mm in diameter. The air comes from the bottom and goes just under the coils to enhance flavor. At the same time you can’t drip your e-liquid like in the case of other atomizers as it could go down the air slots and onto your mod. You have to carefully saturate the cotton at the beginning and then just drip the juice inside the well.

We loved the chuff cap and only used it in dual coil mode with a total resistance of 0.4 Ohms. Vapor production is one of the best we tried and the flavor is incredible. We’re big fans of the Velocity deck as it’s very easy to build on it and the options are endless. The O-rings seal the atomizer perfectly and the fact that you get spares is a big plus. Another pro about the Hatty RDA is the fact that the barrel locks in place with the base and you can’t twist it to misalign the airflow holes. It has a diameter of 22mm and the 510 pin is adjustable.

At a price of around $35 the Hatty RDA is a very good deal and a great long term investment. It delivers clouds like no other and it’s 100% authentic.

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