VaporFi Bolt RDA

Price: 49.99
VaporFi Bolt RDA

Definitely not a product for vaping beginners, the VaporFi Bolt RDA is the excellent device to experiment with user built coils, wicking and sub-ohming. A rebuildable dripping atomizer gives you full control over the whole vaping experience and the VaporFi Bolt RDA even comes packed with everything you might need to start building. But before you decide to buy such a product you need to have at least some basic understanding of electricity and Ohm’s Laws and own a regulated mod that has a built-in Ohm meter. Using this device on a mechanical mod can have hazardous consequences if the user is using a standard battery instead of a high drain model and doesn’t know the relationship between resistance, voltage and current.

The Bolt RDA comes packed in a standard Vaporfi green and white cardboard box and inside you will find the device itself, the drip tip, four spare O-rings, three spare screws, a small blue screwdriver, and 1m of 28 AWG Kanthal wire. The VaporFi Bolt RDA is made from solid stainless steel and the build quality is really impressive. The device feels like it would survive a car running it over and the O-rings make a perfect seal to prevent leaking. It’s made of four separate parts – the base and deck with the posts, the barrel, the top cap and the drip tip. All of these parts are machined from stainless steel and there’s an insulator just under the positive post.

The barrel is fitted with four distinct round holes (two separate ones on each side) which make the adjustable airflow mechanism. The user can adjust the airflow by twisting the barrel around the base and either covering two of the holes (one on each side) or leaving them both open for big direct lung hits.

On the deck of the VaporFi Bolt RDA there are two negative posts on the sides and a positive post in the middle. These are fitted with slotted screws and the holes are wide enough to accommodate even complex coils like twisted or claptons. You can use the device in either single (however you can’t completely close the airflow holes on the opposite side) or dual coil mode and making a build only takes a couple of minutes, depending on your dexterity. The RDA comes with a very generous juice well that can hold a few milliliters of e-liquid with no problem. Just make sure to fill it right below the airflow adjustment holes because if you go over these the juice will start to leak. Also make sure to keep the atomizer upright at all times.

We used the VaporFi Bolt RDA in dual coil mode with two 0.8 Ohm coils for a final build of 0.4 Ohms. Passing the leads through the post holes is relatively simple and we didn’t encounter any particular problems. The flavor and vapor production are incredible and this is the perfect match for the VOX II mod of for the VOX 100 TC. Outstanding performance, versatility and high quality all in a very small package – a huge thumbs up for Vaporfi.

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