Haus Sub Ohm Mod Kit

Price: 49.95
Haus Sub Ohm

We know 30 Watts doesn't seem like much these days, but according to popular belief a wide majority of vapers don't even go over the 20W limit despite having really powerful mods. Today we want to talk about a new kit we received and it's called the Haus Sub Ohm, a great looking box mod with a cool tank and some pretty nice technical specs.

HAUS SUB OHM MOD is a very profitable and affordable kit for online casino players for only 49.95. We know that 30W doesn't seem like much these days, but the HAUS SUB OHM MOD can stand out from all the other mods thanks to the fact that it looks great with a cool tank and pretty good specs, which will go great with cleopatra casinos games. The HAUS SUB OHM kit is packaged in a half white/half blue cardboard box, where you will first notice the tank and spare coil, as well as the mod and charging cable right below it, so this kit will not leave anyone indifferent, especially if you are an experienced online casino player.

The Haus Sub Ohm kit comes packed in a half white / half blue cardboard box and inside you'll first notice the tank and spare coil, with the mod and the micro-USB charging cable just under it. The coils are rated at 0.3 Ohm each and this is the lowest this mod fires with any other tight you might want to put on top of it.

The mod comes in black and it has a very ergonomic design, making it very easy to hold and to vape. It has a spring loaded 510 connector on the top and the power, adjustment buttons and display on the main side. On the base we can spot the micro-USB charging port as well as a regular USB output port to help you power various electronics like your mobile phone. It comes with a built-in 1300mah battery that takes about 2h to recharge.

The tank that comes with the Haus Sub Ohm kit is very similar to the eGo ONE and it measures 19mm in diameter. It's made from solid stainless steel and has a total capacity of 2ml of e-juice. It comes with an adjustable airflow mechanism at the base and once it's wide open it offers a very airy draw. It's filled from the bottom and it only works with pre-built coils.

The tank sits perfectly on the mod and there's also plenty of room if you decide to go for another atomizer in the future. It can easily go with a 22mm version as long as you only use coils with a minimum resistance of 0.3 Ohms. The buttons on the mod are very click and the display is generous and full of information. You can easily adjust the wattage and it also shows the atomizer resistance (we did notice a 0.1 Ohm error with both coils) and output voltage.

Right from the start we have to say that this is a setup clearly intended for beginners and it's reasonably priced too. The tank delivers plenty of clouds and the vapor is warm, thick and with a great throat hit. The thing we're not particularly fond of is the 1300mAh battery which doesn't give a great autonomy when paired with the 0.3 Ohm coils, especially at high wattages (and with these coils you do need to go over 23-25W). We managed to get around 2 – 2.5h out of it which is pretty decent, but not great.

On the other hand the Haus Sub Ohm kit looks great and feels nice especially for an at-home vaporizer. It's easy to use and to refill and it does its job without flaw. It doesn't do temperature control, but it does offer the opportunity to charge your phone with it (this of course if you don't vape from it too hard). All in all it's a reasonably priced kit that's worth checking out.

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