Yihi SX Mini Q Class

Price: 199.95
Yihi SX Mini Q Class

When it comes to expensive electronic mods, there are only a handful out there that truly deserve the price tag and one of them is without a doubt the brand new Yihi SX Mini Q Class. This state of the art vaping device is powered by the famous SX450J chipset, one of the most accurate and powerful boards on the market today. We’ve tested it for a whole week and we were so impressed with the way it hits that we couldn’t wait to publish this review.

The SX Mini Q Class comes packed in a premium quality black box (that comes in a white, designer like cardboard bag) and inside you will find the mod itself, the warranty card, the user manual and a micro-USB cable intended for charging as well as firmware upgrades. For a dual 18650 device, the Yihi mod fits in the modern day standards for weight and form factor and it’s very well balanced in the hand.

It’s made from high quality materials, with a superb finish and everything fits together just perfectly. It’s a very solid and well built mod, with elegant curves and stainless steel buttons. The SX Mini Q Class has a nice 22mm 510 connector on the top that stands out, and on the main side there are the fire button, OLED display, adjustment buttons and micro-USB charging slot. The 510 connector comes with an adjustable center pin, but due to its size you won’t be able to fit 24-25mm tanks and atomizers on top of it without overhang (which is such a pity and probably the only con we could find for this mod).

The device is powered by two high drain 18650 batteries, which you will need to purchase separately, and in order to unleash all of its power we would recommend going for top rated 30A brands like Sony or LG. It’s also a great idea to only use the exactly same type of batteries and to “marry” them to the mod. The SX Mini Q Class is a variable wattage device that also does temperature control and it can go from 10 – 200W, firing as low as 0.05 Ohms.

Temperature control includes support for Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel and it also features a TCR option to be able to use it with any type of material. It features balanced charging for the batteries (we do however recommend buying an external charger) and it’s capable of delivering a maximum of 2A with a modern wall adapter. The faces of the mod come off (they are held by magnets) and you can easily swap them with new ones in different other color combinations (to match your style).

The Yihi SX450J chip is a great alternative to the DNA 200, and the SX Mini Q Class is probably one of the most precise and powerful mods we ever got the chance to test. It hits like a beast, temperature control works flawlessly and everything about it feels top notch. We do recommend using it with a modern RTA, RDTA or RDA in order to unleash its full potential but do take into account that over 160W the vapor tends to get very hot and it’s not a setting to use regularly.

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