5 Bestselling e-cigarette flavored cartridges

5 Bestselling e-cigarette flavored cartridges

There will come a time after vaping in a while that you would like to replace your cartridge flavor. Unless you are the type to stick to one flavor then you should not be bored with the same cartridge.

If you are the type to have a taste of various flavors then here is a guide to what most vapers and vaping today. Just to give you an idea what is being vaped by most vapers and wouldn’t harm if you join the bandwagon and try some of these brands.

The 5 bestselling e-cigarette flavored cartridges:

1) Blu Cherry Crush - the top of the line of the Blu brand. It’s sweet yet tangy flavor are selling like hotcakes. Using the best Bing cherries to give you that juicy, tantalizing yet sweet flavor.

2) Blu Java Jolt - the most popular coffee flavored cartridge in the market. As it provides a near experience of sipping black coffee beans. Best for coffee lovers.

3) V2 Classic Menthol and Classic Cigarette - for those who still want to stick to the flavor of their old cigarette brand V2 is the best. Timeless flavors that V2 offers are best for the traditional vaper.

4) Bad Apple - that tangy, full, fruity flavor with a kick.

5) Premium Chocolate - for the vaper with a crave for chocolate without the calories. Chocolate lovers will go crazy with this cartridge flavor of milk and dark chocolate.

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