10 E-Cig facts for beginners

10 E-Cig facts for beginners

So you’ve heard about E Cigarettes and you think you know a lot about it, which is probably true. But you don’t really know E Cigs until you’ve read these 10 E-cig facts.

1. E-cig is battery powered, and designed to look and feel like a real cigarette. It looks like a real cigarette, and the experience of vaping gives one a feeling of smoking the real thing. You don’t need a lighter for you to start using it. But there is a battery, a vaporization chamber and a cartridge where the liquid nicotine is stored. Once the device is puffed, the liquid is heated and changed to vapor that contains nicotine. The vapor then is inhaled, and then exhaled.

2. There is no smoke to inhale and exhale in an e-cig, instead, white smoke-like vapor, thus the term “vaping”.

3. E-cigs have a wide range of brands and flavors to choose from, so you can choose the ones you like best. For some who prefer the light flavors, vanilla and juice flavors are available. Some like mint. Those who were using certain brands of cigarettes, you can find e-cigs that smell and taste like the popular brands in the market.

4. The amount of nicotine can be controlled. When you buy a starter kit a refillable cartridge comes with it and you can choose your nicotine level. There is danger, though. You can choose a higher level of nicotine in your e-cig cartridge, and this is addictive. But you can also choose to be more sensible and regulate the amount of nicotine you accommodate in your system.

5. You can vape indoors. While smoking elicits tiger-looks from the non-smokers, e-cig by-product is vapor, not smoke. It is not a health hazard, nor would it make you and others stink. You can do it even in a room with other people.

6. As people get more e-cig information and education, it is becoming more popular. It is only when one lacks knowledge that he cannot make a decision. The more people learn about e-cigarettes and have their doubts and questions addressed, the quicker they make the decision to switch.

7. Many users and switchers can vouch for these e-cig benefits: a) The desire to smoke is being satisfied, b) For those who are not able yet to quit smoking completely, e-cig use helps cut down on cigarettes c) It helps a smoker get through the process of quitting d) There is no bad odor.

8. It is cheaper. The e-cig cartridge is reusable.

9. E-cig use is not subject to tobacco laws. Laws may differ from country to country. The common regulations are aimed at the protection of people from the harmful effects of tobacco and exposure to second-hand smoke, and these do not apply to e-cig use. One danger though is, anybody, even children, can buy it.

10. Even tobacco suppliers and cigarette manufacturers consider getting into the e-cig business. Certain companies supplying tobacco to the cigarette business are/are considering getting into the manufacture of liquid nicotine for e-cigs. Large cigarette companies are also looking into the manufacture of e-cigs carrying their cigarette brands.

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