5 Steps to maximizing your e-cigarette lifespan

5 Steps to maximizing your e-cigarette lifespan

Unlike diamonds, e-cigarettes are not forever, but it sure can last a long time with the right care. Extending its lifespan is possible if you know how to practice simple maintenance techniques. Making sure to take important steps will help reduce the cost of vaping and will allow you to get the most out of your e-cigarette!

Here are 5 steps to maximizing your e-cigarette lifespan:

1. Excessively tightening the atomizer with the battery will cause contact problems. Avoid doing this as it will surely affect the atomizer’s performance after a while.

2. Speaking of things you shouldn’t do excessively, overfilling the tank with e-liquid may cause leaking and eventually, battery damage. Be sure to keep an eye when you are doing a refill.

3. E-cigarette batteries are much like cellphone batteries. Using them until they run out never fails to preserve their charging capacity. If it’s not discharged, do not recharge it!

4. Never press the button when not in use. If left unattended, this may cause the e-cigarette to overheat and as is the case with most electronic devices, overheating can most of the time mean damage. Always double check. Press the button five times after use. Do not press it too long as this too can cause overheating.

5. Make sure your e-cigarette is clean at all times. This is something necessary not only for extending the gadget’s lifespan, but also for your own health and safety. Always wipe contact points between the atomizer and the battery to make sure it’s clean.

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