7’s Hybrid Pro vape Pen Review

Price: 49.95
7’s Hybrid Pro vape Pen black

Choice 7’s has always been one of the most stylish e-cigarette manufacturers on the market, with many years of experience, great products and impressive customer support. They have been in business since 2008 and given the recent trends and developments in the industry they’ve decided to discontinue their old two-piece devices and enter the new age of vaping with some impressive tank systems. The new line of products includes four starter kits: the Hybrid Vision, the Hybrid Vision Pro, the Micro Booster and the Micro Vision, each of them unique and with a specific target.

Out of these kits, clearly the most powerful is by far the Hybrid Vision Pro, a tank system that includes a 650mAh eGo style battery and a clearomizer with disposable atomizer heads. While the battery may seem ordinary, the tank is very similar in construction and performance with some of the best vape pens on the market today. And while there are, of course, far more powerful devices out there, 7’s designed this model for both beginners and customers that want to transition from two part cig-a-likes to something more impressive.

The Hybrid Vision Pro comes packed in a good quality white cardboard box, and as usual 7’s keeps its reputation of designing very chic devices with attractive packaging and minimalistic looks. Inside the box you will notice the 650mAh battery (manual), the tank, a USB charging cable and a mouth piece. The tank system is made from good quality stainless steel and Pyrex glass and consists of five separate parts: the base with the adjustable airflow system, the atomizer head, the tank body featuring glass walls, the top cap and the drip tip.

The airflow adjustment system includes four consecutive air holes and an adjustment ring that lets you cover or leave open the orifices. This works very good and the amount of air that passes through the atomizer head is directly proportional with the amount of vapor the Hybrid Vision Pro can produce.

To refill the tank you need to unscrew the top cap and drip your favorite e-liquid until the maximum indicator. While you can use any e-liquid you like, 7’s has a very special selection of flavors and nicotine strengths you might want to try. The atomizer heads have a lifespan from 15 to 20 days depending on usage and you can buy spare one in five packs on the company’s website. And since we are on the topic, you can also find replacement parts for each component of your Vision Pro at very affordable prices. You can even by a spare Pyrex glass tank if you accidentally drop your damage the one that comes inside the box and this is an excellent feature and a big thumbs up for 7’s.

Performance wise, the Hybrid Vision Pro is an excellent mid-range tank system that can provide a delightful vaping experience for any beginner or intermediate ecig user that wants to make the switch from cig-a-like models. Vapor production is great and the flavor is above average. Don’t expect to have the same performance as on a powerful advanced vaporizer or mechanical mod but this probably a good choice for all those looking for a day-to-day vape that helps them keep away from tobacco. We were more than impressed with 7’s tackle on tank systems and hope they will manage to maintain their reputation for many years to come.

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