A comparison between sub ohm eGo vape pens

A comparison between sub ohm eGo vape pens

We are all familiar with the older generation of eGo style batteries, which looked very similar to a pen, and their performances were far from outstanding. These devices were among the first models of e-cigarettes and offered a great alternative to traditional cig-a-likes. Soon these batteries diversified and we had the option of getting variable voltage models, big capacity models and even USB pass-through models, which greatly improved our overall vaping experience.

Nowadays, the technology has advanced in such a manner that we can even buy sub ohm eGo vape pens from a wide variety of renowned manufacturers. But with so many options available it's hard to pick a kit that's perfectly suited for one's vaping necessities, especially due to the partial understanding of some terms and the lack of detailed information on numerous websites. This is why we decided to take a look at some of the best selling vape pens for liquids.

First of all, the thing you need to understand is that there's difference between regular vaping and sub ohm vaping. The value of the coil resistance fitted inside a clearomizer can be equal or above the 1.0 Ohm limit (1.0, 1.2, 1.5 Ohms) or it can be lower (0.3, 0.5 Ohms) in which case we refer to them as sub-ohm resistances and sub ohm vaping. Sub Ohm vaping can produce far bigger clouds and more intense flavor but at the same time, the vapor can get pretty hot if your device does not have a temperature control feature. Sub ohm vaping will also drain the battery and your e-liquid tank much faster, so you will require an increased monthly supply of e-liquid. But the thing is, sub ohm vaping is not for everyone and this is why numerous manufacturers design their devices in such a way that they can work with both sub ohm and standard resistances in order to be more versatile.

One of the hottest selling sub ohm eGo vape pens is probably the eGo ONE series from Joyetech, a line of devices that includes five different versions of the same original design that come in a variety of colors and options. The idea behind the eGo ONE was to have one device for everyone, and the line's incredible success is probably due to its simplicity. We have an eGo style battery that only comes with a firing button and a micro-USB charging port and two types of resistances – the 0.5 Ohm coil and the 1.0 Ohm coil. Depending on personal preference one could use the 0.5 Ohm coil and experiment with sub ohm vaping and direct lung hits, while with the 1.0 Ohm coil one could enjoy the good old fashioned mouth to lung.

The original eGo ONE comes in six colors, and has two battery options – the 1100mAh version or the 2200mAh sub ohm eGo vape pens 2version. For each type of battery there's a corresponding tank, the smaller having a capacity of 1.8ml of e-liquid while the bigger having a capacity of 2.5ml of e-liquid. Both tanks come with an airflow control mechanism and they both work with either 0.5 Ohm or 1.0 Ohm coils. The kit includes one of the batteries, one of the tanks, two coils, a charging cable, a wall adapter, a separate mouthpiece and a manual. The diameter of the original eGo ONE is 19mm.

The eGo ONE Mega is the biggest device from the series, with a battery capacity of 2300mAh, a tank capacity of 4.0ml and the same options of coils (the 0.5 Ohm version and the 1.0 Ohm version). The total height of the device is 135mm and the diameter is 22mm, making it compatible with other high end clearomizers and tanks on the market today. The device comes in only two choices of color – grey and black. The kit comes with the battery, the tank, two coils, a charging cable, wall adapter, and user's manual.

The eGo ONE Mini series is an alternative to the Mega and it's mainly intended for female vapers, due to its small size and interesting choice of colors. This device is only 16mm in diameter and has a total height of about 110mm, being powered by a 850mAh battery. The tank has a capacity of 1.8ml of e-liquid, the same top performing airflow adjustment mechanism and the same choices in terms of resistances – the 0.5 Ohm version and the 1.0 Ohm version. The kit comes with a battery, a tank, two coils, the charging cable, wall adapter and user's manual.

In addition to the standard CL 0.5 Ohm and 1.0 Ohm coils, you can also use any eGO ONE device with the company's revolutionary CLR coils. These also come in 0.5 Ohm and 1.0 Ohm options but the novelty is that they are completely re-wickable and rebuildable. Once these coils start giving off a burnt taste or don't produce any vapor the user can easily take them apart and replace either the cotton or the wire and cotton in a matter of minutes. This can greatly reduce the monthly costs of vaping and can get users interactively involved with the inner workings of their device.

Last but not least, we have to talk about two of the most recent additions to the eGo ONE family, the eGo ONE CT and the eGo ONE VT. These two kits offer the benefit of temperature control in either constant values (CT) or variable temperature (VT). The difference is that besides working with regular 0.5 Ohm / 1.0 Ohm CL coils, they also work with 0.2 Ohm CL-Ni coils and 0.4 Ohm CL-Ti coils. The Joyetech eGo ONE CT comes in two battery options – the 1100mAh version and the 2200mah version which have 1.8ml and 2.5ml corresponding tanks. The user can switch between regular mode, Nickel temperature control mode and Titanium temperature control mode with a long press of a button. The temperature used with Nickel coils is 470F/245C and the temperature used with Titanium coils is 480F/250C. The diameter of the battery and tank is 19mm.

The eGo ONE VT is currently the most advanced device from the series and the only one capable of delivering variable wattage as well as variable temperature control. It is powered by a battery similar to the one found on the Mega (2300mah / 22mm diameter) and uses the same 4.0ml tank. The difference is that with this particular model the user can select the operating mode (W, Ni, or Ti) but also three different power settings (Low, Medium, and High). Depending on the type of coil you use, these three power settings can either increase the wattage or the temperature you're vaping on and you get detailed specs in the user's manual.

Overall, the eGo ONE series from Joyetech is a very popular and great performing range of starter kits that can appeal to virtually any type of vaper looking for simplicity. The vapor production is impressive even with the smaller models like the Mini and with the added benefit of temperature control on the CT and VT models it looks like Joyetech created one of the most versatile lines of products to use the same types of coils.

However, despite their popularity, the eGo ONEs are not the only sub ohm eGo vape pens on the market and one of the most recent contenders to their supremacy is the Kanger SubVod, a very powerful device released by the Chinese manufacturer that features its top rated Subtank Nano in a wide range of colors on top of a balanced eGo style battery. This is Kangertech's alternative to all those vapers tired of the same old complicated box mods who want a simpler alternative to use with the company's top performing Nano-s tank. The kit includes a 1300mAh battery fitted with a single button, a Nano-s tank in matching color, a micro-USB cable in the same color as the mod and tank, a spare Pyrex tube, a user's manual, and a new generation SSOCC 0.5 Ohm coil.

The Kanger SubVod kit comes in six different colors – black, white, silver, blue, pink, and purple and it's obviously intended for both male and female vapers from beginners to intermediate. It uses the new generation coils (same as the ones in the Nebox) but they are also going to work with any Subtank coils out there. The circular firing button features an LED light that gives you the status of the battery and also indicates problems likes short circuit or missing atomizer. The 1300mAh battery can be recharged from the base via the micro-USB cable and offers a decent autonomy. Combined with the impressive performances of the Subtank Nano, this kit has everything it takes to become a new best seller in this category.

Aspire has made its move to the sub ohm eGo market with two excellent devices – the Platinum Kit and the Elite Kit.

The Aspire Platinum Kit is packed with everything one might need for a great sub ohm experience and it features the company's top rated Atlantis tank. It includes a 2000mAh CF (carbon fiber) battery, the Atlantis tank, an extra tube with hollowed-out sleeve, five replacement 0.5 Ohm coils, a leather scabbard, a charging cable and a user's manual. The 2000mAh CF battery is incredibly well built, powerful and chic looking. It has a rectangular firing button and it's a perfect match for the Atlantis tank, one of the company's best-selling products.

The Atlantis coils last for a very long time and their performance is highly applauded throughout the vaping community. The only thing we don't like about the Platinum Kit is the fact that it comes with an eGo style charger and you have to unscrew the tank in order to recharge your battery when it's depleted. Other than that, it's one of the best performing kits out there and certainly a great choice for beginners and intermediate vapers.

Another great sub ohm eGo vape pen from Aspire is the Elite kit, one of the most powerful devices in this category and definitely one worth having around the house. It comes with a massive CF Maxx 3000mah battery that features variable wattage between 5-50W, the Atlantis Mega tank, an extra coil, a spare Pyrex tube, a 1A charging cable, and a user's manual. The Atlantis Mega tank has a capacity of 5ml and it comes fitted with a regular 1.0 Ohm coil that's designed for mouth to lung hits. The spare coil is rated at 0.3 Ohms and it's obviously intended for direct lung hits and immense quantities of vapor. Same as in the case of the Platinum kit, the company decided to stick with standard eGo style charging cables, which require the tank to be removed in order to recharge the battery.

Last but not least we have Vaporfi, a company with several eGo style starter kits but with two powerful contenders, worthy for the sub ohm category – the Edge Starter Kit and the Vice Starter Kit. The Vice Starter Kit includes a powerful 2200mah battery and a new generation sub ohm tank, as well as two coils, a USB charger, wall adapter and user's manual. The Vice battery features a single button and it can be recharged via the micro-USB located near the base. The tank has a total capacity of 2.5ml of e-liquid and it can work with either the 1.2 Ohm coils which are intended for mouth to lung vaping as well as with the 0.5 Ohm coils that are intended for direct lung hits. It also comes with an adjustable airflow control valve to adjust the draw according to personal preference. It has a total diameter of 19mm and it also comes with a wide range of safety features from low voltage to short circuit protection.

The Vaporfi Edge Starter Kit is another eGo style device that's dedicated solely to sub ohm vaping and it comes with an impressive battery that can reach up to 100W, depending on the type of coil used. The battery is rated at 1800mAh and it has a diameter of 22mm. Inside the kit you will find the battery, the Edge tank fitted with a 0.5 Ohm coil, a spare 0.2 Ohm coil, a spare Pyrex tube, a USB charger, wall adapter and the user's manual. The Edge Tank has a massive 7ml capacity and an adjustable airflow system. It also comes with a wide bore drip tip, perfectly suited for sub ohm vaping and the coils have adjustable juice holes to use at different wattages. Overall the Edge is one of the most powerful sub ohm eGo vape pens and the build quality is excellent.

Depending on your personal preference you can choose any of the eGo style vape pens we've talked about in this series of articles and not be disappointed. We wanted to present only the top performers out there and products we firmly believe to bring you the most satisfying vaping experience ever.

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