A quick look at the eGo One Mini Starter Kit

A quick look at the eGo One Mini Starter Kit

This tiny device was obviously intended for the ladies but since it also comes in silver and black it's a great and stealthy alternative for any type of vaper. However, the Hot Pink and Water Blue (or Tiffany blue) versions will make a lot of vape girls happy because not only the paint is way more glittering than on the original model but they are also a lot smaller and can fit in any type of purse. And besides being good quality devices they can also work as a fashion accessory to match a hot set of nails of a new pair of shoes.

And while on first glance you might notice that the eGo One Mini is a bit taller than the original eGo One with the 1100mah battery, the difference is that this one is a lot thinner, with a diameter of 16mm as opposed to 19mm. Inside the box you are going to get the battery, the eGo One Mini tank fitted with a 1.0 Ohm coil, a spare 0.5 Ohm coil, a user's manual, and a micro-USB cable for charging. The drip tip on the tank is made from stainless steel but you can easily swap it with a Pyrex one for an even more impressive look.

This petite mod is powered by a 850mAh battery so you're probably going to charge it pretty often if you're a heavy vaper or using the 0.5 Ohm coil. You can vape on it while it's charging and the whole process shouldn't last more than one and a half hours with the provided 1A wall adapter. The device has a total height of 110mm with the tank mounted so it's really easy to carry around all day. The tank has a capacity of 1.8ml of e-liquid and an airflow adjustment mechanism that works like a charm. The widest setting is perfect for direct lung hits and the 0.5 Ohm coil, while twisting the ring and tightening the slot gives a more restrictive draw, just perfect for mouth to lung hits with the 1.0 Ohm coil.

The great thing about the eGo One Mini is that it works with the same coil heads as all the products from the series, including the rebuildable CL-R versions. Each of the coils is easy to replace and can last for as long as one month. The people at Joyetech even analyzed the user's complaints on the original model and designed the new tank with much wider juice windows. However I did encounter a small problem when filling it with my dropper and I had to switch to a syringe because the space between the chimney and the walls is very tight. A unicorn bottle or a needle tip bottle is recommended for filling this type of device.

The beauty of the eGo One Mini lies in its simplicity and since there's no display, no variable voltage, variable wattage or temperature control you simply have to refill your tank, recharge the battery and swap the coil heads once they wear out. You only need to press the button and one of the most incredible vaping experiences is at your fingertips. The vapor production and flavor are fantastic (like on all eGO ONE products) and the battery is very dependable. Every time you press the firing button this will light up and once it starts blinking fast you need to recharge it.

It does tend to 'whistle' when you leave the airflow wide open but that's not a deal breaker. Also the battery warms up when you chain vape but that's the deal with all the products in the series.

To conclude, the eGo One Mini is probably one of the simplest yet powerful devices that can suit a variety of vaping needs and it's probably going to be as successful as its predecessors. The build quality and materials used are top notch and it performs flawlessly. A great starter kit in the $50 price range.

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