All you need to know about cartomizers

All you need to know about cartomizers

One of the three main components of an e-cig unit is the cartridge. What is its functions and how important is it to the whole system of e-cigs. Knowing this info will help you take care and maximize the life of your e-cig unit.

What is an e-cig cartridge?

The cartridge is the component that holds the liquid of the e-liquid that provides the flavor when smoking. It is attached to the atomizer and the battery of the whole system. Cartridges makes the whole experience so much more pleasurable. There are various flavors you can use on when vaping as the action of smoking an e-cig is called as there is no smoke, ash, or the awful smell. There are cartridges with a built in atomizer or all in one piece is known more popularly as “cartomizer”.

What are the popular types of cartomizers?

The most popular and commonly used type of cartomizer is the polyfill. It is one of the first if not the very first cartomizer in the market. It has layers of gauze wrapped on its center tube with a wick and a vertical heating coil. It is very simple and easy to use just put drops of e-liquid (flavor) into the hole and attach it to the battery and it will send the liquid into the top tube.

Tank cartomizers are designed for the heavy smoker who requires thick, heavy and flavorful smoking experience. It simply had a large tank or space to hold more e-liquid.

Dual coil cartomizer is self-explanatory. Two heads are better the one go figure.

Wick feeding cartomizers are two wicks inside a plastic chamber. More popularly known as “clearomizers” because it is easy to see if it’s time for you to refill. However, the plastic chamber tends to melt or crack when it gets too hot. And some e-liquid flavors are known to cause cracking of the chamber.

Bottom gravity feeding cartomizers are cartridges that has the heating coil at the bottom. It requires it to have the cartridge moist with liquids in order for it to feed efficiently. The long tube however, sometimes causes the liquid to gurgle and clog causing the vapour not to pass through the unit. It therefore, requires regular cleaning to make it consistently efficient.

Cartomizer Anatomy

What cartridge would work best for me?

If you are a beginner and on a budget, choose the polyfill which is very practical and easy to use. If you are a beginner and money is no object pleasure first, Tank or dual coil will be best for you. If you are a heavy smoker with a panache for flavourful smokes the tank and bottom gravity will be your best friend. If you are a heavy smoker who is just for smokes then polyfill or tank can be your partner in crime. For the light to moderate smokers the basic polyfill or dual coil will be just right for you.

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