What is vaping and how do e-cigs work

What is vaping and how do e-cigs work

Many are beginning to realize the danger of smoking tobaccos and cigarettes. But many are really having a difficult time quitting. The addiction is with inhaling and puffing of smoke and the nicotine found in tobaccos. Although, it is a known fact that nicotine may be addicting but it is really not the main component that causes illness. If medical studies show that the addiction to nicotine and the idea of smoking is what keeping smokers hooked to the habit, then an alternative is recreating smoke without the harmful ingredients of a cigarette.

This is the concept of vaping. In order to keep the “smoking” experience excellent be sure to always keep the smoke in huge amounts to truly be close to “smoking”.

How does an e-cigarette work?

The e-cigarette or disposable e-cig has 3 parts. The battery, the cartridge and the atomizer. The battery of course provides power to make all components function. The cartridge holds the e-liquid or e-juice that provides the flavour or taste of the smoking or more accurately known as “vaping”. The atomizer is the converts the e-liquid to vapor by the use of heat.

You begin by making sure that the battery is fully charged before using. Screw the cartridge into the battery and start inhaling. Remove the cartridge from the battery and store into the case after each use.

What is vaping?

Vaping is similar to the act of smoking, and looks like smoke without the smell, the smoke and harmful side effects of traditional or real cigarettes. This is done with the use of an e-cigarette that has three parts, the battery, the cartridge and the atomizer. The cartridge is where the e-liquid or e-juice is stored and the atomizer is the device that heats up and converts the liquid into smoke or vape.

What makes it smoky?

If you are using a cartomizer it’s best to replace it often to make it more thick vaping. Use a good battery as the heat it will produce will determine how much vapor can be produced. Keep your e-liquids in a cool dry place not really in a refrigerator as practiced by more vapers. Because putting it in a fridge produces condensation and the water would mix with the liquid and the liquid flavor will be diminished.

What to do when it is not smoking that much?

Check if the cartridge has dried up. If it has refill the cartridge with e-juice. Check if your battery is still has power if it’s time to recharge. If you are using a cartomizer (a combination of cartridge and atomizer with pre filled e-liquid) you will need to clean it regularly. This is to make sure it is in good working condition and that there is no residue of hardened e-juice in the passageway. If you are using an atomizer, depending upon the brand you purchase the longevity may vary. Some atomizer may last up to three months and some may last only for two weeks. Make sure you replace the atomizer as soon the need arises to continue a heavy vaping experience. Lastly, when the smoke depletes the very basic is to check the power of your battery.

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