Apollo Oracle Kit

Price: 17.95
Apollo Oracle Kit

I know we haven’t talked about a simple kit in quite some time, but we do get a lot of emails from beginners on a very low budget but who still want to give e-cigarettes a try and can’t afford a mod and a clearomizer or tank. Other people are looking for a decent ecig that resembles old-style vaping pens because they love the design and they feel it would mimic the smoking experience even better. So I know this review is not going to be for everyone and it addresses only the beginners reading our blog.

There are a great deal of cheap eGo style kits out there, but I did have one lying around for months. Once I went online and checked out the price, I just knew I had to talk about it, because it’s one of the most affordable and easy to use vape pens in history. The Apollo Oracle Kit sells for only $17.95 and it’s a blister type eGo kit that’s packed with only the essentials of a decent vape.

Inside the blister you are going to find a 900 mAh eGo style battery, a CE4 clearomizer and an eGO to USB charging adapter. The battery is pretty solid and very well built and it comes with a backlit round firing button which indicates the remaining charge. And while 900 mAh might seem underrated in today’s world, it’s more than enough to enjoy your kit while at work and a few hours after. Depending on your style of vaping it might just get you through a whole day.

The charger on the Apollo Oracle Kit is also nicely built and it doesn’t show any signs of failing in the near future, like those cheap ones you can buy for under $5. It comes with an indicator light that blinks red while the battery is charging and it turns green once it reaches 100%. Depending on when you plug in your cable, the battery can take anywhere from 1 – 1 ½ h to charge. This is why I would recommend not to use it until it dies out, because you are going to need at least 90mins for a full charge and while some people like to leave it plugged in overnight, I’m fully against it. So if the battery lasts for a whole day, make sure you recharge it while having dinner or reading a book before you go to sleep.

The Apollo Oracle Kit comes with a standard CE4 type clearomizer that’s going to last you anywhere between 2 and 3 weeks, depending on your vaping habits. As it’s not rebuildable, you will need to buy a new one once the flavor and vapor production become to week, or you get a constant burnt taste. You can buy some extra clearomizers on the Apollo website if you decide you like the Oracle-S and you can choose between a single wickless CE4 or a kit of clearomizers in order to find out which one is best suited for your needs.

But the great thing is that the battery comes with both eGO and 510 connectors, and the pin is spring loaded, so you can use it with a wide variety of clearomizers or tanks. If you feel like getting a massive improvement on your vapor production and flavor you could go for a Mini Protank 3, or for a Mini Nautilus in the future.

The Apollo Oracle Kit is a decent vape pen and the both the vapor production and flavor are good but nowhere near today’s sub-ohm / high power devices. However, the overall experience is great for someone wanting to quit using cigarettes and the throat his is OK when using a 1.8mg e-liquid. It’s a great purchase for beginners and it can be upgraded overtime.

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