The art of pairing e-liquids with Wines. Combine excuisite tastes for an ultimate experience

The art of pairing e-liquids

No one can doubt the ever increasing popularity of e-cigarettes these days and so far there have been many sub-cultures surrounding this world-wide community. Besides the gourmet flavors that are clearly destined for foodies with extra sensitive taste buds, a new trend has picked up that takes wine and spirits two a whole new level.

Absinthe, Pink Champagne, Amaretto, Eggnog, and Buttery Nipple are all famous spirits or cocktails that are usually enjoyed in a fancy bar but nowadays you can enjoy these delights without even having to drink any alcohol. It comes as no surprise that e-liquid manufactures have taken inspiration from the world of spirits and good wines by creating refined flavors to appeal to upper class drinkers. Also passionate bloggers have taken things very seriously at pairing e-juice flavors with nice wines and e-liquids producers aging their signature flavors like in the case of single malts.

For those not yet familiarized with the terms, an e-liquid is a blend of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavorings that is used to refill the tank of an e-cigarette and then transformed into an inhalable mist. So, there isn’t any actual alcohol inside these e-juices and the flavors are either created artificially or by extracting them from the natural source.

Wine enthusiasts can nowadays browse the web for specific blogs that gives them ideas about pairing e-liquids flavors with their favorite glass of wine. Such is the case of Vine+Vapor, a blog that focuses on helping people pairing wines with e-liquids or e-liquids with wines. On the ‘About’ page you will see the author explaining how he came up with the idea while one night sipping on a glass of Riesling as he was vaping on some ‘Apple Rings’ and witnessed they paired quite nicely. Such an example is The Seeker’s Sauvignon Blanc 2013 that goes perfectly with Moondrop's Moondrop Elixir. On the site you will find all sorts of similar pairings, depending on the type of type of wine (red, white or sparkling).

Another place where you can find ideas about pairing your e-cigarette flavors with spirits is the subreddit ‘r/drunkvapes’ where hundreds of people are posting their personal findings and commenting on videos regarding the subject.

The trend of pairing wines with e-juice flavors is probably going to take things to the next level in the near future, as many enthusiasts believe it would be a great idea to mix together a vape meet with a wine tasting party and get the best of both worlds.

An e-liquid company that resonates with the desires of the refined vapers is the artisan California based e-liquid manufacturer Five Pawns that came up with to delicious e-juice flavors that have been aged to perfection. Castle Long Reserve and Black Flag Fallen are just two of the gourmet flavors the company released to the public in 2014.

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