Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit

Price: 31.49
Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit

Aspire has recently launched a new line of beginner’s starter kits and since we did a full review on the K4 almost a week ago we decided to put another one of these devices to the test. And since we know there are a few ladies reading our articles and asking for advice with tanks and mods we decided to stick with a kit that’s a perfect match for any purse.

The Aspire K2 Quick start is one of the most basic vaping kits on the market today, but it’s incredibly well built, reasonably priced and the experience it delivers is more than satisfying. It’s not intended solely for women, but the pink version looks very stylish and the form factor is very small.

This ego style mod kit is clearly an upgrade from the old Aspire starter kit (that came with the K1 clearomizer) and it’s the perfect choice for anyone making the switch from combustible cigarettes. The draw is nonadjustable and it’s pretty tight as the device wants to mimic the same type of experience.

It comes packed in a very stylish acrylic type box with the fully assembled kit, a spare coil, a micro-USB charging cable, user’s manual as well as warranty and warning cards. The battery measures 15mm in diameter and has a total height of 85mm, with a very nice carbon fiber finish to it. The kit comes in two color options – black and pink – with the black version having the tank in the same color and the pink version having a silver tank.

The battery is very lightweight and easy to hold and it’s rated at only 800mAh. And yes, 800mAh might sound discouraging considering today’s standards, but when you match it with the 1.6 Ohm resistance of the coil you’re looking at least at 6h of vaping, even more. And it takes less than 2h to completely recharge so you’re looking at a pretty sweet deal.

The K2 tank is very similar to the K1 and it has a fixed airflow. It’s filled from the bottom and it has a total capacity of 1.8ml of e-juice. Again, even if this seems too little, it’s more than enough to match the life of your battery and a moderate smoker like experience. The coils are exactly like the old Aspire BVC versions and they are easily installed once you dissemble the tank.

Vapor production is decent on the Aspire K2 and the flavor is pretty amazing considering the size of these coils. They last for around 2-3 weeks, depending on use and they are relatively cheap to buy. This is the kind of kit that requires little maintenance (expect for cleaning the tank and threads from time to time) and it’s extremely simple and intuitive to use.

The firing button has a light indicator that shows the remaining battery and also if the device is on or off. It comes with the micro-USB port on the base and you can even use it while it’s charging.

All in all the Aspire K2 is a very decent above ohm performer, designed for people who are just making the switch and don’t care about sub ohming or massive clouds. We would recommend using a high nicotine concentration e-liquid with it (12-18mg) as the throat his is quite mild at 6mg.

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