AVP's and Mods the different ecig types

AVP's and Mods the different ecig types

Choosing the best type of electronic cigarette is not an easy choice. At first it was the Mini that entered the e-cigarette market: a simple, cheap type which covers the basics. Later the mid-size model entered: a larger model with more features. The last years it was the Mod, also known as Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV), which caught our attention. What is different about the APV?

AVP don’t really look like a cigarette. They are much bigger and look like tubes or boxes. The AVP’s are heavier as well compared to the mini and mid-size e-cigarettes. So, what are the benefits of a mod?

Types of e-cigarettes

First of all, the mods last way longer than other types of electronic cigarettes. The battery lasts about three times longer and the e-cigarette itself could last your whole smoking life. If you buy an AVP, it will be the last time you need to buy an e-cigarette. Not only because the electronic cigarette will last, but also because it offers all features you need now and in the future. You can optimize the AVP to your own wishes.

Start smoking e-cigarettes

For beginners it’s not recommended to start with an AVP electronic cigarette. First of all you need to be sure you want to get into electronic cigarettes. Your experience might not live up to your expectations and once you tried smoking e-cigarettes, you might not like it. It’s a waste of money to start with AVP’s. The quality of AVP’s is amazing, but you need to pay for it. Sometimes a base unit alone will cost you over $200.

If you know you are an e-smoker and want to get the best out of it, AVP’s definitely do the trick. The massive solid piece feels great when you are used to it and the features (like liquid feed, various voltage, electronic control or digital read out) are amazing for every smoker of e-cigarettes. The AVP’s offer a wide choice in models, colors, flavors and accessories: it’s up to you to make a match.

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