BLU Ccigs Disposables

Price: 7.99
BLU Ccigs Disposables

When it comes to e-cigarettes, then Blu Cigs is probably one of the best known brands in business and their reputation is impressive. As opposed to other companies that only sell their ecigs online, Blu Cigs products are also available nationwide in all Walgreens drug stores.

They sell a wide variety of starter packs and accessories but they also sell cheap disposables. Disposable e-cigarettes are one-piece devices that don’t need recharging or refilling and you can easily throw them away after they’ve done their job. Each disposable can go for as long as 400 puffs and is equivalent to one and a half packs of regular cigarettes. Buying them from your local drug store means that you don’t need to order them in bulk and for $7.99 they are a real bargain.

As their rechargeable versions, Blu Cigs like to invest in the look and feel of their products and these disposables are no exception. They come in a predominant black color and they also have the signature blue-colored LED tip that lights up each time the user vapes.

The flavors for Blu Cigs are designed by Johnson Creek in the USA, with domestic and imported ingredients. Classic Tobacco has a nicotine level of approximately 20-24mg while Magnificent Menthol has approximately 17-24mg. Their functionality is very simple. Remove from the package, remove the safety cap from the end and peel the small sticker from the side of the disposable and the unit is ready to go.

Responsiveness is impressive and they even have a cut-off period of 5 seconds to prevent too much nicotine intake or the atomizer from overheating. When it comes to vapor production, these disposables are hard to beat and the throat hit is wonderful especially with the Classic Tobacco flavor.

It’s pretty clear that these devices are oriented towards beginners or casual vapers but they can also be the best travel companion. Either way, the quality is impressive and once you realize that vaping can do the trick for you it’s the first step before buying one of their starter kits.

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