How does your body recover after quitting smoking?

How does your body recover after quitting smoking?

It takes a lot of effort to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes seem to be helpful to a lot of people. E-cigarettes offer you the chance to stop smoking tobacco without needed to quit nicotine cold turkey. However, if you’re able to replace tobacco cigarettes with electronic cigarettes; will your body recover after quitting smoking?

After 20 minutes

After 20 minutes your body is already recovering itself. Your pulse rate, temperature and blood pressure have gone back to normal. Your body will continue the recovering process every minute that you don’t smoke any tobacco cigarette.

After ten days

After ten days your body has managed to normalize your blood circulations in your gums and teeth: this is actually almost the same as the circulation of a nonsmoker.

After three weeks

If you still haven’t smoked any tobacco cigarettes after 21 days, you can congratulate yourself and your body. The risk of you getting a heart attack has started dropping by now. Your lungs are also getting cleaner and your lung function is beginning to improve. This is the point where you’re actually beginning a new healthier and less dangerous life.

After these three weeks you’ll notice more and more improvement. The next weeks your circulation has improved substantially. Your muscles are less stiff and you can walk and move easier. If you experienced a cough since you can remember, this will probably vanish these weeks.

After one year

One year without tobacco cigarettes. You’ll sure be incredibly proud of yourself. By now any smoking related sinus congestion or shortness of breath is gone or decreased. Cilia have regrown in your lungs which makes your lungs able to clean themselves better and reduce any infections. The risk of cancer, heart disease or a stroke has halved making you a more secure and happier person.

Your body is still not done with the recovering process and will continue the next 20-30 years. Your lungs will never be as clean as they were before you started smoking, but all health risks reduce every minute you don’t smoke tobacco cigarettes. If you replace tobacco cigarettes with electronic cigarettes, you can still use nicotine. However, if you’re ready to take a bigger step you have the option to easily reduce the nicotine and totally get rid of your addiction.

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