Cartomizers vs Single use Ecigs?

Cartomizers vs Single use Ecigs?

As a hardcore smoker that daily bought at least one pack of cigarettes, I was wary about the idea of using an e-cig instead of an analog. I can understand that some people could like more the fruit flavors and vaping may be cool, but that wasn’t my situation. I really enjoyed the tobacco smoke smell and I was immune to the odor deep impregnated in my clothes. Every time I had some time, I used to light a cigarette and I was thinking this will never ever change. That until I had kids and I started thinking about the passive smoking and I really wanted to switch to an e-cig. That’s when I started browsing the internet looking for info about what distinguishes one device from another.

What I discovered is that there are three major types of e-cigs judging by their main components number. The first option you have is to choose a one-time disposable cigarette. All the components are in their place when you buy it and all you have to do is to power it on. After you enjoy it, you can get rid of it, this type of vapor cigarette being a single use. If you want something more, that can be used multiple times, the 2-piece cigarette also known as cartomizer can be a better option. On this type of product the battery can be recharged and the cartridges can be replaced, so everything you’ll have to do will be to buy constantly new replacement parts and everything will work like a charm. The biggest disadvantage and probably the single one is that you can’t refill the cartridges with liquid you bought, having to buy the whole part.

If you want the ultimate e-cigarette, the three piece e-cig is what you’re looking for: it consists of an atomizer, a battery and a nicotine cartridge, which will give you the possibility to customize the device according to your needs. Unlike the other types, where all the parts were consumable, on the 3 piece ones, you surely know you can use them much longer. Sure, if the battery or cartridge performance doesn’t satisfy you, you can always replace it, but compared to anything else on the market, it is the best option. I’m pretty sure that there is much more to discuss about the types of electronic cigarettes, but from my point of view, this is the must-know before even thinking about ordering one.

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