How to choose e-liquids and what to look out for

How to choose e-liquids and what to look out for

Looking at the shelves of any vape store or browsing through dozens of pages full of products from any online vape shop one thing is certain - there are so many e-liquids out there that it's almost impossible to try them all. Back in the day we were used to seeing 4-6 brands tops and most of those were tobacco flavors, but now there's so much diversity on the market and so many variations of the same aroma that it gives this overwhelming sensation.

When first trying personal vaporizers, our recommendation would be to start off with a tobacco flavor. You won't find anything that feels exactly like a combustible cigarette but some of them can replicate the dry aroma quite well. Also it's probably a good thing to buy a mouth to lung type of kit or atomizer first and then gradually switch to direct lung and sub ohms. Tobacco flavors work great on mouth to lung atomizers but when you try to inhale them directly it's not the same experience.

When using a mouth to lung tank with pre-made coils it's essential to choose e-liquids with a maximum VG content of 70%. Ideally for these types of devices 50/50 and 60/40 work best. However, if you put the same type of juice in your sub ohm tank, the throat hit might feel just to harsh. This is because of the high PG content, and that's why not all liquids work well on all types of atomizers.

After a while you will want to try something more powerful. This is where a good box mod and a sub ohm tank replace your initial device. Now you also need another type of e-liquid. Depending on the type of coils you can go from 60/40 to 80/20 VG content. Here the higher VG content will create smoother vapor and really big clouds.

When switching to a rebuildable atomizer, particularly an RDA high VG is the way to go. There are several high VG brands of e-liquids out there, and the content ranges from 80 up to 99%. This juices are specifically intended for dripping and they account for the biggest clouds you've witnessed. Don't try these e-liquids on other atomizers, especially ones with pre-built coils because it will burn them in a matter of seconds. It's way to thick to get absorbed through the tiny coil holes, but when paired with an RDA the results can be quite spectacular.

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