How to choose the right e-cigarette?

How to choose the right e-cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes. It sounds a bit static and most of us still need to get used to this new way of smoking. Actually, we can’t even name it smoking: it’s not smoke what you’re inhaling. Vape, it’s called. The experienced vapors know every little detail about the e-cigarette, every brand and every flavor. However, for starters it’s a big mystery. How can you choose an electronic cigarettes brand which fits you? Well, let’s start with giving you some advice for choosing the right e-cigarette!


If you pay for peanuts, you’ll get monkeys. We all know this saying and this definitely applies to electronic cigarettes. Off course, it you want to try out an e-cigarette you can just get a cheap one somewhere, but keep in mind the flavor and throat hit won’t be as good and not really comparable to tobacco cigarettes. The battery is the heart of an e-cigarette. If you want to get the max out of your e-cigarette, make sure the battery is fully charged. At least enough to get you through the day (about 300 puffs). Choose a battery which is durable: chances are you’ll be taking your electronic cigarette with you everywhere you go. Humidity, extreme heat and bumps won’t be rare. The better quality battery you use, the longer you can use the battery. This will save you money on the long run.

Easy use

When e-cigarettes were introduced to the market several years ago, the cigarettes consisted of three pieces. Smokers needed to refill their e-cigarettes with a smoking liquid which wasn’t always easy, especially for starters. The liquid spilled and left stains in clothes or carpeting. Some people still prefer this way of smoking, but we wouldn’t recommend this for starters. Nowadays, most electronic cigarettes consist of two pieces. The cartridges are already filled and the only thing you need to do is replace the old cartridge for the new one. No hassle with spilling. You replace the cartridge by screwing off the old one and screw on the new one. It’s as simple as that!

Don’t choose for only a USB charger

Without a battery, you’re e-cigarette is worth nothing, It just doesn’t work. A lot of e-cigarettes kits have USB chargers nowadays. Off course, this can be really handy. At work, you easily plug in your e-cig to your computer and don’t lose any battery during the day. However, if you choose an electronic cigarette that only has a USB charger, you’ll have a problem if there’s no computer in your reach. Try to find an e-cig kit that comes with several chargers. The best would be a USB charger, a simple wall charger and a car charger. This way you will never have to worry of running out of batteries.

Test the flavors

Everybody has a different taste: some like milk chocolate, some like dark. This goes for e-cigarettes too. There are so many different flavors and you want to be sure you’ll pick the ones you like. Don’t expect to just choose one flavor: you might want to consider picking several for your standard assortment. Most ex-smokers smoke tobacco regularly, but keep some other flavors in store for special occasions. You might like a bit of chocolate flavor with your tea or some menthol when you wake up. If you start using e-cigarettes, buy several flavors and find out which ones are your favorites.

Choose the right cartomizer

We kind of discussed this at the beginning: durability. This also applies for the cartomizer. You’ve chosen your favorite flavors, but you want the flavors to last too. It’s not handy if you need to change your cartomizer every 50 puffs. Look on the internet for quality cartomizers which have a long life, at least 300 puffs. This saves a lot of time as well, because you won’t need to change the cartimizer that often.

Throat hit

Let’s admit it; the best moment of smoking is the moment you feel the smoking in your mouth and let it escape in a cloud. A lot of manufacturers of e-cigarettes worked on this feeling. Off course, this isn’t easy to achieve if there isn’t any smoke. A lot of e-cigarettes brands still don’t really give you the satisfaction: the throat hit is soft and the volume of ‘smoke’ coming out of your mouth is small. However, there are e-cig brands that have done a wonderful job. Check the internet, read reviews and ask experienced vapers which brand give you a good throat hit and smoke volume.

Service Make sure there is somebody to help you, especially if you’re new to smoking electronic cigarettes. You don’t want to come home with your e-cigs kit and not be able to use it. This is a waste of money and very frustrating. Before you buy your electronic cigarette, check if they have a reliable customer service and I if they have product guarantee.

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