Cleaning your e-cigarette is easy try it

Cleaning your e-cigarette is easy try it

Smoking is a whole new experience since electronic cigarettes entered the market in 2007. Instead of smoking tobacco cigarettes, bothering people with the smoke and harm our health: e-cigarettes offer a brand new way of smoking. A healthier way. Most electronic cigarettes are not disposable. You can buy your e-cigarette once and use it for years! It saves a lot of money, but you do need to take care of it. Cleaning is the most important aspect when your goal is to maintain your ecig in the best condition. Cleaning your e-cigarette is quite easy do this yourself.

The first thing you need to do is set up everything you need. This will be a glass of clean water, you might even want to cook it and let it cool off, and a paper towel or cloth. Makes sure everything you use is sterile. After you prepared everything, it’s time to take apart your electronic cigarette.

First take out your cartomizer and take it apart. Put the cartomizer in the water, after that the base and off course the mouth piece. Be careful when tossing everything it the glass of water: these parts can break very easy. Especially the mouth piece needs good cleaning, there could be all kinds of bacteria on this part. If your mouth piece consist of more parts, put the parts in the water separately.

After you’ve put everything in the water, you need to wait till it’s cleaned. This could take a while, so make sure you don’t need to use your electronic cigarette for this period. After the old flavor comes out, repeat the treatment again and maybe even a third time if you think is necessary.

When all the different components are clean, take them out of the glass and place them carefully on the paper towel or cloth. Now it’s time to wait till everything is dry. Don’t try to wipe them dry, just wait patiently. You can use a fan to make the process go further. If you are sure everything is dry, place the parts back together. Your e-cigarette is brand new!

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