Complete Guide to increase your e-cigarette lifespan

Complete Guide to increase your e-cigarette lifespan

Of course you want to maximize your e-cigarette’s lifespan. The question is, how do you do that exactly? Knowing basic maintenance methods will help you keep your e-cigarette for a long time and will save you a lot of bucks, too. Religiously following these simple steps will ensure you would be puffing away longer than the average vaper who doesn't know how to increase his e-cigarette lifespan.

Make sure there are no leaks...

But they can sometimes be unavoidable so if leaks ever happen, all you have to do is remove the cartridge from the mouthpiece and get rid of the excess e-liquid. Just roll a tiny piece of tissue with your fingers and place it inside the mouthpiece. Let it absorb the excess liquid and attach the cartridge back to the mouthpiece.

Clean the atomizer

Atomizers are disposable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t extend their lifespan. Residual build-up would usually accumulate on the part where the atomizer and battery connects. This prevents electricity flow so it is necessary to get rid of these residues. Wipe them thoroughly with fabric or cotton. If you’re wiping the atomizer cylinder’s walls, you can use cotton swabs.

Be careful with batteries

Handling batteries is really simple. Just make sure to never overcharge your batteries. Everybody knows this is a sure way to make the battery fail after some time. It’s also suggested to use the battery until it runs out before charging it again.

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