How do disposable e-cigarettes work?

How do disposable e-cigarettes work?

It seems kind of odd at the beginning: buying an electronic cigarette with a battery and using the e-cigarette for months or even years. Especially if you’re used to smoking tobacco cigarettes, this doesn’t feel right. For these people, there are disposable e-cigs. The electronic cigarettes aren’t expensive and you can just try out a couple.

No battery, no big elements, but just a normal electronic cigarette. A disposable cigarette doesn’t require a lot of knowledge to start smoking. Most disposable e-cigarettes are good for about 400 puffs; this is equal to one or maybe to packages of tobacco cigarettes. A hard smoker will empty the disposable e-cigarettes in a day.

Disposable e-cigarettes

The battery, atomizer and cartridge are combined in almost all disposable e-cigarettes. This makes the e-cigarette easy to take with you and even more easy to smoke. No hassle with batteries, cleaning or filling it up with liquid: just inhale. Like all electronic cigarettes, disposable ones have a LED light too. This light starts glowing the moment you inhale.

To start smoking your disposable e-cigarette, you need to activate it. Most disposable e-cigarettes contain an activation tag or button. Once you press or pull this, your disposable e-cigarette is ready for use.

Nicotine in e-cigarettes

Like all electronic cigarettes there are different brands, flavors and sizes of disposable e-cigarettes. Most common flavors are off course tobacco and menthol. In contrast to non-disposable e-cigarette, you can’t adjust the level of nicotine in your disposable e-cigarettes. The liquid which contains the nicotine is already inside the electronic cigarette the moment you buy it. The levels do vary: some brands sell disposable electronic cigarettes with 20 ml nicotine while others offer different levels.

Especially for starters, disposable electronic cigarettes can be the perfect solutions. The costs are low, the taste is good and they are really easy to use.

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