All about e-cig batteries the ultimate guide

All about e-cig batteries the ultimate guide

Just how important is the battery as part of the 3 components of an e-cig unit? It’s really important as the cartridge and the atomizer will not work without it. Your smoking pleasure primarily depends on it and next will be the e-liquid. The length and quality of service in each use depends on the battery performance. That is why it’s best to have a good set of battery and charger. Here are some great information how about e-cig batteries.

What are the types of e-cig batteries?

There are two types of batteries the automatic and the manual. The automatic has a LED light that turns on when inhaled by user. This is more convenient and more natural than the manual. But user cannot control the vapor. The manual battery has a small LED button that needs to be pressed and hold when inhaling. This is obviously has more control with the vapor.

What will suit me?

Heavy smokers would love the automatic battery. The influx of flavor and smoke will be much more massive than a manual. The manual can be used my moderate to light smokers for a more controllable vapor and smoke.

Making it last

Always use your battery they are lithium ion batteries similar to cellphones and ipods which are designed for frequent use. And just like cellphones always unplug the charger when fully charged. Never fully drain the battery before recharging. When not in use unscrew the battery from the cartomizer. Remember it is connected to the battery and it still drains power when connected. Worse the cartomizer has e-liquid in it and may flow into the battery when connected and not in use. Never store your battery uncharged and never store them in pockets that will collect dust, dirt and grime. Store it on charger cases when not in use. Clean it regularly the two holes underneath it can be unplugged and using a cotton swap clean it and use toothpick to make the holes free from any debris.

Nothing really lasts forever but we can always try to do so. One of the main primary reason to switching from cigarettes to the e-cig apart from health is to be able to save money. And taking care of your e-cig unit especially the battery can make it last longer and hopefully forever. Enjoy the pleasure of smoking e-cigarettes longer without having to shell out cash after purchasing your first kit. Now that you know how important the battery is to your e-cig unit maximize its power to make them last.

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