E-cig Cartomizers Explained

E-cig Cartomizers Explained

What is a cartomizer?

The term is literally a combination of the words cartridge and atomizer. These are the two parts of a typical three part e-cigarette set or unit. The cartridge is the one that holds the e-liquid that provides the flavor and together with the atomizer they connect to the battery of the e-cigarette. They maximize the life of the e-cigarette and provides longer use.

What are the types of cartomizers?

So far there are about four types of e-cig cartomizers. The most popular is the polyfill cartomizer. It could be the very first cartomizer. This is how it works, inside are layers of gauze wrapped around the center tube and has a wick and heating coil. The gauze saturates the heating coil and vaporizes the liquid that goes all the way up to the tube. Probably one of the most if not the most durable, reliable and user friendly cartomizer in the market.

The dual coil cartomizer is simply has instead of one like the polyfill, has two heating coils. It doubles the performance. But this should be paired with a large battery to bring its maximum performance.

Tanks compliment polyfill cartomizers by consistently keeping the coils wet. The biggest tanks can hold up to 7 ml of e-liquid. The flavor experience is maximized. There is a hole in the system that allows the liquid to pass through freely. Careful though on unreliable tank cartomizers as they have the tendency to leak.

The bottom coil cartomizer works with gravity with the heating coil at the bottom of the e-cigarette. This type of cartomizer is considered to be the safest. These type of cartos must be moist and wet with liquid all the time to feed reliably.

What type would suit me?

If you are a heavy smoker of real cigarettes you should choose either a dual coil or the tank cartomizer. These cartomizers should have enhanced flavour and smoke. However, these types of cartomizers require powerful batteries and it would also be best to have an extra battery. As these types of cartomizers use a lot of battery power. Just like for the frequent traveler and is always away from home must have at least two batteries for continuous use of your e-cigarette.

For the light to moderate smoker the polyfill is enough and wold just need the whole unit to be working to serve minimal amount of smoke and flavor. For light to moderate smokers but are particular to flavor and taste the bottom coil cartomizer would be your love.

If you are the budget conscious then regardless if you are light or heavy smoker, the polyfill or the starter kit will have to suffice. The least battery usage cartomizer is best because you will not need an extra battery until the time you would need to recharge. Keep away from tank cartomizers that wear the battery the fastest. If the budget conscious smokers chooses this e-cig carto then the unit will consume so much e-liquid to refill.

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