E-cigarette battery safety tips

E-cigarette battery safety tips

Heard the news about exploding e-cigarettes? Burning cartridges and overheating atomizers? Well these are accidents a vaper can avoid by taking proper care of their e-cigarette unit. The e-cigarette just like any device like laptops and cellphones when being careless may cause accidents. Here are some of the best e-cigarette battery safety tips taking care of it and avoid these horrible accidents.

1) Regularly clean your batteries and chargers. As e-liquid seeps out and forms residue around the battery and charger. Using Q-tips and alcohol and would you believe vodka should do the trick. Wait for 24 hours after doing this before using it again. It is best to have a spare unit if you need to vape 24/7 and you can have something to use while the other unit gets cleaned. Sort of a personal service unit.

2) Of course it is common knowledge that it is not safe to leave the charger plugged to the battery overnight as well as leaving it unattended.

3) Always use the adaptor or any accessory that came with the battery and charger. Not any replacement part or accessory as these are not specified for use with your kit.

4) Never disassemble or modify the charger and battery.

5) Always keep your charger and battery from exposure to heat.

6) Never charge battery longer than specified.

7) The classic, never recharge your battery unless they are fully discharged.

8) Always plug in the USB or plug into the power source first (wall outlet or computer USB port) then to the battery.

9) In the incident that your battery gets wet, place it in a zip lock bag with a cup of rice in the next 48 hours.

10) Never tighten the battery to the charger.

So, there you have it. There is a saying that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be safe vapers!

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