E cigarette liquid refills

E cigarette liquid refills

When buying an e-cig, you may be impressed by all the technical aspects, but what matters in the end is the way the vapors taste and how pleased you’ll be while using your new device. The flavors are so varied that you can be sure that you’ll find what you want and even discover new aromas you never knew about before. If you want to try organizing them, you must know that the main criteria when categorizing the cartridges are the nicotine levels. Nicotine is a chemical compound included in the alkaloids group, and it can be found in tobacco. It is the main thing that causes the tobacco addiction, so the fact that nicotine is found in the e-cig liquid could help you when you can’t or don’t want to smoke.

If you’ll buy the E Cigarette Liquid Refills from a big company that respects its customers, the base of the refill liquid will be represented by Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin or PG400. The Propylene Glycol is made from petroleum or animal oils and it is also used in many household products. The fact that a small group of people could be allergic to one compound made the companies that design them to use multiple base substances. Another mixture is that where Vegetable Glycerin is used. This one is completely made from plant oils and it is also used in cosmetic products. One of its biggest advantages is that it won’t affect your teeth color at all. PG400 is a brand new invention, and it is considered the safest and healthier alternative. Although it could sound like the best choice, the fact that it diminishes the flavor may discourage some potential users. All you must know is that the used substances are pure at a pharmaceutical level and you don’t have to fear about them being impure.

The main things you’re probably interested in are the actual available e cigarette liquid refill flavors. The main types of aromas are those based on the tobacco taste, on juices or fruits, but also on herbs, beverage or even some that have health benefits. The tobacco ones can imitate the taste of some famous cigarette brands or some well-known blends. On the fruits flavors, you probably can imagine that you can pretty much find anything, from regular fruits to exotic ones, making the whole vaping experience extremely rewarding. The herbs used for creating these liquid refills can vary from vanilla to mustard or lavender, and the healthcare liquids can use breath fresheners, vitamins or even Cialis or other bold choices.

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