‘E-cigarette market will go more technical’

‘E-cigarette market will go more technical’

Techniques are growing and the latest phones or gadgets are outdated in a couple of months. Mobile phones and computers are so integrated in our lives that we can’t imagine being without it. Electronic cigarettes are relatively new electronic devices which still need to be discovered by many people. However, this tool looks very promising for tech freaks as well.

The first all-in-one e-cigarette, telephone and mp3 player already landed and this was just a matter of time. “For techies electronic cigarettes are really interesting”, Brian Forrester, a techie from California states. “From the first moment I heard about electronic cigarettes it caught my attention. It’s small, effective and it’s electronic!”

Forrester thinks that the world of e-cigarette still needs to be discovered. “I think we’re not even on 10 percent of what electronic cigarettes will bring. We all love small devices nowadays and an e-cigarette is such a device. I actually think that the whole vaping thing will be a sideshow in the end. With this device you can do a lot of things. There’s a heating option in the e-cigarettes which you can use for all kind of new stuff.”

On special vape meetings, electronic cigarette users come together to talk about new feature or try out new accessories. Besides the vapers themselves, a lot of techies show up at this meetings too. “I’ve tried electronic cigarettes, but I’m not a smoker so I don’t feel the need to do it again. However, I am interested in the devise. I want to see how it works and what’s new. I actually think the development still goes pretty slow, but maybe this is because I look at electronic cigarettes on another way. The device is now approached as a replacement for tobacco, but I just see it as a new technique. It might be an idea for the manufacturers to try the same. They could make a lot of profit with e-cigs!”

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