E-cigarette tips and tricks

E-cigarette tips and tricks

Once you order your e-cigarette, it will arrive directly to your home, including a user manual and enough information for letting you use it from the first minutes. But experienced users know many e-cigarette tips and tricks about them that can help you in this whole process, and that's what I would like to write about in the next lines.

One of the most important thing is that you must keep your e-cig away from extreme temperatures or exaggerate humidity, and that's mostly because you don't want to destroy the electronic part. It is a very well designed mechanism, and that's why you don't have to force any component, because everything will go to its place with smooth movements and without forcing the contacts. A good option for saving money is to buy a full tank of your favorite flavor and fill the cartridges yourself. It is a very simple process, but what you'll have to know it that a recipient that's overfilled will not produce more vapors and not even last long, because the airflow will be restricted.

If you read other of our articles about the electronic cigarettes, you probably know that the e-liquid is based on propylene glycol or glycerin, but what you really must know is the fact that although these substances look approximately the same, there's a big difference between them. Everybody knows that the flavors are better when using a propylene glycol liquid or that the vegetable glycerin is more interesting due to the fact that the vapors are thicker. That's why you should experiment and decide about which one is better for you.

Also, if your electronic cigarette doesn't produce the same vapors quantity as it used to do, it is probably the time to clean it a little bit. The best way of doing that is by using a paper tissue and pure alcohol, and you'll see some incredible results. Or, if this didn't help you, it is probably the time to change your battery. Be sure that you always use quality batteries, because your whole user experience can be altered by this.

Although this is not a part of the tricks, many people that use e-cigs for the first time will think that there's something wrong when the atomizer gets warm. In fact, that's exactly what it should do, because in order to turn the flavored liquid into vapors, the atomizer must heat the cartridge, so shouldn't worry at all.

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