E-cigarette use in the United Kingdom

E-cigarette use in the United Kingdom

The Americans love electronic cigarettes, but slowly Europe is getting the hang of it too. In the United Kingdom the amount of people switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes grows pretty fast. Although there are no official numbers of electronic cigarettes in 2013 in the UK yet, the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) stated 25 percent of the tobacco smokers has tried electronic cigarettes.

The POST estimated the people in the UK that currently used electronic cigarettes around 1.3 million. The users of electronic cigarettes are almost all former tobacco smokers. Most people, who try electronic cigarettes, use them again and keep using them once in a while. Only about 14 percent becomes a daily electronic cigarette smoker. The reason for this might be that the users are former smokers willing to stop smoking entirely. With the help of electronic cigarettes they stop smoking, but might not want to keep using electronic cigarettes either.

Not all people seem to know about electronic cigarettes in the UK. Most people who hear about it and smoke tobacco want to try an electronic cigarette. Most of these people are young, mostly white, smokers with an above average income. The amount of men and women is about the same so gender doesn’t seem to matter.

The last official numbers of electronic cigarettes in the UK show that the awareness and use of e-cigarettes is growing. In 2010, 3 percent of smokers in the UK stated they have tried electronic cigarettes. In 2012 this was already 7 percent and in 2013 this is expected to be at least 11 percent. These are frequent users. The number of people who stated they’ve tried e-cigarettes was 9 percent in 2010. In 2013 this percentage already went up to the 22 percent. The e-cigarette use in 2014 is expected to have grown to 35 percent.

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