E-cigarettes compared to e-cigars

E-cigarettes compared to e-cigars

Smokers in Cuba can be really happy. After the introduction of e-cigarettes you can now also get e-cigars in a lot of shops. Nicolites is introducing the e-cigar for the Cuban experience.

While a lot of smokers of electronic cigarettes might not even think about an electronic cigar, there are a lot of people who do. A lot of men smoking tobacco cigars already said they wanted a healthier option while they enjoy their whiskey at night. “Most cigars smokers are above 40 years old and getting more conscious of their health. They start jogging more, eat more of those vegetables the hate and less of the fat meat the love. A logical step is to leave the cigar for what it is”, Jeffrey Hails of the Cuban Cigar Club says.

Nicolite now offers these men a healthier option to enjoy their moment. Nikhil Nathwani of Nicolite told newspaper The Grocer that they were looking for an idea to offer cigar smokers the same benefits as smokers of e-cigarettes. “We can now offer our customers another option next to the electronic cigarette. The e-cigar offers a real authentic Cuban flavor and provides a great sense of satisfaction.”

Hails, who is smoking cigars for over ten years, loves that he can now smoke e-cigars. “It is totally different from e-cigarettes”, he says. “It should be, because you cannot compare tobacco cigarettes with tobacco cigars either. The e-cigar is big and easy to hold. It feels like a real cigar. Like tobacco cigars you can choose between different kind of flavors, but all flavors offer you the real taste of a good Cuban cigar. I think the big difference between an electronic cigarette and an electronic cigar is the taste: while smokers of e-cigarettes don’t want to taste the tobacco anymore, smoker’s e-cigars do want that. I love the taste of good e-cigars !”

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