E-cigarettes vs Nicotine patch

E-cigarettes vs Nicotine patch

Electronic cigarettes are often used by people who want to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, up to now, there was never proof that the e-cigarette could really work. A new study will probably clear out any doubt and be a great value to the discussion about e-cigarettes. Researchers in New Zealand found out electronic cigarettes are not only a less problematic way to stop smoking, but e-cigs are also about as effective as nicotine patches.

Over 650 smokers participated in the research. All of them were smokers wanting to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. The researchers divided the group in three separate groups: one group received electronic cigarettes with nicotine to help them give up tobacco cigarettes, another was handed the nicotine patch and one group got e-cigarette without any nicotine. The researchers monitored all groups for three months. They watched them during the nights, at work, while babysitting: the participants were monitored 24/7.

After three months the groups got together again to see the results of the methods. Almost 8 percent of the group that received electronic cigarettes had really quit smoking since the beginning. Almost 6 percent of the group that got the nicotine patch stopped smoking. However, the most striking part was the group who had been smoking electronic cigarettes without any nicotine. While researchers always thought the nicotine was the most addictive, this is now doubtful. Over 4 percent of the group who didn’t had any nicotine for three months, did stop smoking. They explained to have felt symptoms of nicotine withdraw like hunger and shaking, but felt the symptoms disappear when smoking an e-cigarette. This can only be a psychological reaction. They also stated enjoying the electronic cigarette and would likely recommend e-cigarettes to their friends and family.

While all medical and health organizations always tried to find ways to help people defeat their tobacco addictions with providing nicotine in other ways, this experiment shows the habit of smoking is really important too. This shows that smokers care a lot about holding and inhaling a cigarette and not only about getting their daily nicotine. This is pioneering for the development of electronic cigarettes.

Another interesting detail was that the people who were handed e-cigarettes, but didn’t stop smoking for these three months, did all smoke fewer cigarettes. Some even reduced their tobacco cigarettes from two packaged to three cigarettes. The level of harm done to your body because of tobacco totally ends up with the amount of cigarettes so these people are already benefiting from smoking electronic cigarettes. This study shows that almost hundred percent of the people who smoked electronic cigarettes found a way to make their lives healthier.

However, until the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has done research, electronic cigarettes can’t be called a substitute for tobacco cigarettes. The devices aren’t proven to be completely safe, although several studies already confirmed the components of electronic cigarettes aren’t harmful to your lungs like tobacco cigarettes. For the time being e-cigarettes provide a useful tool in quitting tobacco cigarettes. This study even shows electronic cigarettes can do more good than the nicotine patch.

Although FDA didn’t state how they are going to regulate e-cigarettes yet, electronic cigarettes are already a huge success. All around the globe people state e-cigarettes helped them quit smoking. Some people even stopped putting in nicotine in their e-cigarettes. One of five adult smokers has already tried smoking electronic cigarettes and half of them kept using them. Over 200 different types of electronic cigarettes entered the market and even tobacco brands started selling e-cigarettes. Chances are the e-cigarettes will only get better, safer and more appealing to tobacco smokers. It’s already easier for smokers to get hold of a package of e-cigarettes than to buy tobacco cigarettes. The can get electronic cigarettes in almost every kiosk.

Chances are FDA will regulate the rules about electronic cigarettes this year. Celebrities are already ahead of this and speak out there thoughts about e-cigarettes. Most of them are positive and welcome the idea of a healthier way of smoking. Doctors already stated e-cigarettes should be threatened as medicine, because it could help people improve their health. While FDA pitches into the safety of electronic cigarettes, the technique is only getting better and safer.

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