What is E-liquid?

What is E-liquid?

Electronic cigarettes contain a liquid which is called e-liquid. Rather you use e-cigarettes with prefilled cartridges or you refill the cartridges yourself, they all contain e-liquid. The liquid is a solution that contains of three components: nicotine, flavoring and Diluents. So, what are these contents?

We probably all know what nicotine is. The addictive part of tobacco cigarettes is nicotine. Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine as well, but offer the possibility to adjust the nicotine level and, in the end, even get rid of this completely. Most e-liquids contain levels of nicotine ranging from 20 ml to 0.


Nicotine has no real flavor and there’s no tobacco in electronic cigarettes. Therefore a flavor is added to the e-liquid in your e-cigarette. There are various flavors you can try: from cherry to chocolate and off course tobacco. Some people only want to use tobacco flavor, because it helps them quit the real tobacco cigarettes. Most former smoker choose tobacco flavor, but later on combine in with other flavors. Which flavor you prefer, is something you can test. Some brands offer flavor that are really intense, while other brands offer a more discrete flavor. You don’t have to worry about the odor: e-cigarette don’t stink, not even the tobacco flavors.


Another ingredient of the e-liquid is diluent. This component has two functions: it’s added to the e-liquid to weaken the mix of nicotine and flavor to the correct level. Which level this is depends of the type or brand you prefer. Diluent also adds the part of the solution that produces the vapor. The vapor is the fake smoke you inhale which puts the flavor and nicotine in your body. The vapor also gives you the feeling of smoking a real cigarette.

What is diluent?

Now you probably want to know what diluent is. Diluent is an ingredient that varies in substances. The most common substances in diluent are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Let’s see what these substances are.

Propylene Glycol:

Propylene glycol is the part that is responsible for the ‘throat hit’. Propylene glycol is used in the production of foods and is sometimes, only in huge amounts, used as antifreeze. Propylene glycol is totally safe if used in the right level, like in the production of foods or asthma inhalers.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin helps to produce a better ‘smoke’ and adds a little sweet taste to the e-liquid. Vegetable glycerin is also called polyol or sugar alcohol. It’s often used in pharmaceutical formulations and in foods and beverages. Vegetable glycerin helps to preserve food and is used in liqueurs to thicken the structure.

The flavor of an e-cigarette depends on the type of e-liquid you use in the cigarette. Some brands offer three pieces electronic cigarettes. This means you need to refill the e-liquid yourself. This requires some expertise, because it’s easy to spill the liquid. However, some people prefer to do this themselves.

The e-liquid is added to the cartomizer of the electronic cigarette. This is placed in the e-cigarette. The heating element, which is turned on by a battery, heats up the e-liquid which becomes a sort of fog. This is called vapor, but is actually comparable to real fog. It’s comparable with moisture like you experience on rainy days. To create a real smoking feeling like tobacco cigarettes, a little light is placed at the end of an electronic cigarette. Most e-cigarettes work automatic and, as soon as you take a puff, the light switches on and starts glowing red. Some e-cigarettes work manually and require you to push a button in order to turn on the light. What you prefer, is totally up to you.

Health organizations still state that it’s not clear rather e-cigarettes could harm your health. However, the standard ingredients of e-cigarettes don’t contain any harmful products as long as they are handled the right way. Only nicotine is a thorny issue. Just like other addictive substances, think about caffeine, too much isn’t good. On the other hand, inhaling nicotine without inhaling thousands of chemicals like you do while smoke tobacco is a big step ahead.

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