More e-smoking due to variety of flavors

More e-smoking due to variety of flavors

Tobacco cigarettes are available in some different tastes like mint or light, but the variety that e-cigarettes offer, is not possible. This makes it more attractive for smokers to try e-cigarettes. If smokers feel like a fruity cigarette, there are many options to choose from.

Besides the taste, smokers can even reflect their own identity through an e-cigarette. There are many styles and colors to fit your image. You can pick any e-cigarette instead of only light or mint tobacco and it doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth either.

Electronic cigarettes are powered by batteries and made of metal or plastic. The cigarettes give you nicotine without hundreds of chemicals or tar. You can still experience the ‘fun’ of smoking while going out or drinking a beer.

The start of the e-cigarettes revolution was through the internet and at kiosks in the United States. Over thousands of smokers already started e-smoking in 2006 online. Worldwide there are now more than 200 brands that offer e-cigarettes. Some of them offer a couple models, but a lot of brands are expanding and have a great collections with different models, flavors and colors to pick from.

The most popular e-cigarette flavors are Cherry, Chocolate, Apple and Menthol. The liquids are easy to use and most companies have them in store. The liquid is available with 0 mg nicotine, but also with 24 mg and everything in between. The most popular colors for e-smokers are black and white.

E-cigarettes companies are already using cab-top and bus stop displays, sponsoring race cars and events, and encouraging smokers to give the e-cigarettes a try. They don’t even focus on the flavor part of the cigarette. Experts expect, if the e-cigarettes companies focus on this as well, the tobacco market will have a lot of problems staying alive in the United States.

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